Helping or Hindering – Meeting Young People’s Needs in Bedford

Published: January 2010 Publication Type: Publication

Author: Dan Vale

This report looks at the needs of young people in Bedford, particularly focusing on how those who are not in education, employment or training seek assistance and access services.

It identifies the lack of skills, opportunities, and qualifications as being common barriers for young people entering the labour market. But it also shows the importance of emotional factors such as confidence, persistence and motivation: in a difficult economic climate there will be an even greater imperative for these young people to be resilient, able to cope with shocks and rebuffs.

This work was part of the Young Foundation’s Mapping Unmet and Emerging Needs programme. The programme brought together a coalition of more than a dozen independent foundations and funding bodies to develop new insights into how social needs in Britain can be prioritised and met. Through an innovative research methodology, combining qualitative, quantitative and secondary research, the two-year project provided an independent overview of changing needs, as a complement to existing research and to guide the policies and actions of foundations, government and civil society.

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