Innovation for the Public Good: The Five Keys to Innovation

Published: October 2011 Publication Type: Publication

Author: Vicki Sellick

Ask a passerby to name an innovative organisation and a familiar list soon appears: Apple, 3M, Google, eBay, etc. Less known are the innovative agencies in the public sector focused on finding new and better ways to tackle social issues such as crime, poverty, and educational underachievement.

Vicki Sellick writes the latest installment of a weekly column on government innovation produced by the Young Foundation in partnership with the Centre for American Progress’ (CAP) Doing What Works team and the Bellwether Education Partners, as part of the “Innovation for the Public Good” series supported by the Rockefeller Foundation.

In the coming weeks this series will explore the tenacious leadership of New York City’s mayor, new funding streams created by the Department of Education’s Office of Innovation, and incentives deployed by the United Kingdom’s Greater Manchester area to ensure that only the most successful programs addressing criminal justice are adopted.

Download a full copy of the latest installment: Innovation for the Public Good: The Five Keys to Innovation