A Vaccine: Will We Take it?

Date: 15 November 2020

The Young Foundation has today published data which unveils public opinion into taking a Covid-19 vaccine and its distribution.

Just before hopeful news of a new vaccine emerged this week, 123 people across the country were asked to share their thoughts on taking a vaccine, their reasons behind this and who should receive it as a priority. The infographic is part of The Young Foundation’s Covid-19 and Community Life study, funded by a Wellcome Trust public engagement grant.

Key insights include:

If a vaccine became available, would you take it?

  • 45% would take the vaccine, with 35% being unsure and would need more information on its long-term effects and efficacy, and its suitability for their personal circumstances.
  • 20% would not take the vaccine, with a lack of trust in information around Covid-19 acting as a deterrent to some who would normally vaccinate.
  • 80% think distribution requires priorisation

Who should receive it first?

  • 88% of those prioritising think those with pre-existing health conditions, 58% think the elderly, while 52% hink health and social care workers should receive it first

Victoria Boelman, Director of Research at The Young Foundation, commented:

“With the likely roll-out of a vaccine in the coming weeks and months, questions of prioritisation of the vaccine are of critical importance. They not only impact the speed of our collective recovery, but affect strategies for communication and logistical distribution of the vaccine. Targeting people with pre-existing conditions was the overwhelming priority of our respondents; indicating the need for a roll-out solution which reaches into all parts of the population, across all geographies. With a fifth of our respondents unwilling to take a vaccine, with a further 35% unsure, there is also a substantial hurdle of trust to be overcome – with people needing reassurance about its safety, efficacy and necessity for them.”

Covid & Community Life is exploring how Covid-19 is changing our relationships, interactions and experience of community in real-time. It uses both a digital platform, whereby around 140 participants are currently sharing their stories and experiences online, supplemented with phone interviews with 30 people who do not have access to, or feel comfortable using, digital devices. It focuses on three key themes:

  • How the Covid-19 pandemic is affecting interactions between individual in society
  • How the role of the digital realm plays a role in community response
  • How individuals and communities relate to science and research

The study has published three snapshots already, as part of the programme:

The project builds on Covid & You – research The Young Foundation carried out during the very first months of national lockdown in the UK. Funded by a Wellcome Trust public engagement grant, the research aims to give a more nationally represented sample of participants, capturing the diverse voices we find throughout the UK.

For additional comment or interview opportunities, please contact Sarah Hogg on sarah.hogg@youngfoundation.org / +44 7940 281 470