Date: 5 March 2014

Transitions LondonThe Young Foundation are delighted to announce the 19 lead innovators we are backing to tackle some of the big social problems across Europe in the fields of education, employment, housing, healthcare, gender equality and personal debt.

Each innovator is using a different approach to make a positive difference. The ventures team at the Young Foundation will support each of them to scale-up their delivery and to chart their progress.

The journey each of these innovators will travel will be different. Each will use a common curriculum to orientate themselves through key technical support sessions, so they are able to better navigate the complex systems which are often a barrier to progress.

We are working alongside 8 consortium partners to learn more about what works best for social innovators wishing to scale their work within Europe.

The innovators:


  1. Amnesty International – International Secretariat
  2. Care Charts UK
  3. Chaos Theory
  4. Community Therapies and Training Service
  5. Enabling Genius
  6. Handmade Alliance
  7. Ignite!
  8. Inter-Voice
  9. Lift People
  10. Made Equal
  11. Millbank Creative Works
  12. MindFood CIC
  13. Money4Youth
  14. No. 178 New Cross
  15. SpareSpace
  16. Techhangout Ltd
  17. The BB Group
  18. The Good Wardrobe
  19. The Sunday Assembly

Notes to editors:
1. Contact:

2. About Transition
TRANSITION is the ‘Transnational Network for Social Innovation Incubation’. It is a 30-month project that supports the scaling-up of social innovations across Europe by developing a network of incubators which brings together established partners within the fields of social innovation (SI) and innovation-based incubation (IBI).
3. Transition Partners
• EBN (Belgium)
• The Young Foundation (UK)
• Nesta (UK)
• Denokinn (Spain)
• Politecnico di Milano (Italy)
• PRICE (France)
• New Factory (Finland)
• WestBIC (Ireland)
• Social Innovation Exchange (UK)


4. About The Young Foundation

The Young Foundation is a leading independent centre for disruptive social innovation. We create new movements, institutions and companies that tackle the structural causes of inequality.

We work to create a more equal and just society, where each individual can be fulfilled in their own terms. We believe that little about the future of society is inevitable. Bound by our shared humanity, we believe we collectively have the power to shape the societies and communities we want to live in.