New Philanthropy Capital Launches Guide on Evidencing Education Innovations for Young Foundation

Date: 14 December 2016

Today (14th December) New Philanthropy Capital (NPC) launches a unique impact guide for ventures developing innovations in the education sector for the Young Academy.

There are many ventures developing great ideas to support this sector but ultimately, success will depend on persuading customers and investors that their idea really will make a difference. To achieve this collecting evidence is key.

The guide is a vital resource for people setting up new projects in the education sector. It offers step-by-step advice on what evidence and data to collect, and how to collect it. The guide is based on NPC’s experience of supporting around 40 organisations through the Young Foundation’s Young Academy education incubator programme.

The Young Academy is a Young Foundation initiative which has supported five cohorts of early-stage ventures to develop innovations which improve the educational outcomes of disadvantaged young people.

These have included ADA, The National College for Digital Skills, which aims to bridge the UK’s digital skills gap, Inclusive Classrooms, which trains and supports teaching assistants across the country, and Think for the Future, a provider of personal and social development programmes for young people.

James Teasdale, Programme Manager of the Young Academy, said:

“Collecting evidence and demonstrating impact are important elements of a social venture’s development journey. This is an essential guide for early-stage organisations working in the education sector, which equips them to improve their ideas, engage with key stakeholders and contribute to the wider evidence base about what works in reducing educational inequality.”

James Noble, Deputy Head of Measurement and Evaluation at New Philanthropy Capital said:

“Start-ups face many challenges so we created this guide to show how those working in education could approach the issue of evidence and impact. Ultimately, ideas can only succeed if they are tested in the real world so start-ups need to think about evidence from an early stage. But evidence is not only about winning people’s support, it’s also about testing, learning and improving.”


Notes to editors:

  1. For interviews and more information please contact: 0208 980 6263
  2. The Young Foundation is a research and action based institute with a formidable track record of confronting inequalities. We work across the UK and internationally to create insight and innovations which put people at the heart of social change.
  3. The Young Foundation came out of the Institute for Community Studies (ICS) which was set up by social researcher and innovator Michael Young in 1954. In 2005 ICS merged with the Mutual Aid Centre and was renamed the Young Foundation, in honour of its founder. The Institute of Community Studies and the Young Foundation have together created and supported over 60 organizations including Which?, The Open University, Economic and Social Research Council, Social Innovation Exchange (SIX), School for Social Entrepreneurs, Uprising and the Centre for Justice Innovation. Find out more at
  4. New Philanthropy Capital (NPC) is a charity think tank and consultancy that works with charities, funders and social enterprises to help them achieve the greatest possible impact. As part of NPC’s involvement with The Young Academy, it has been working with ventures from London, Nottingham and the South East to help them develop their theory of change, capture relevant impact data and ultimately evaluate their impact.