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Sarah Hogg

Person 20 June 2024

Supporting social media and communications activity at The Young Foundation since 2020, Sarah has extensive experience driving reputation and reach for a diverse range of charitable organisations and companies.

Empowering students with a ‘truly civic’ experience

News 17 June 2024

New report urges UK universities to equip all students to be lifelong active citizens through formal learning, campus activities, and community engagement.

Powering sustainable London homes

Project 6 June 2024

This project with the London Sustainable Development Commission and residents in London explores ideas to make homes more energy-efficient and cost-effective for all.

CiviCast: on air

Blog 4 June 2024

Tania Carregha talks to NCIA’s John Fell about her experiences of community engagement and her research as a key delivery partner of the NCIA programme.

Senior Innovation Practitioner

Vacancy 30 May 2024

This role will offer a unique opportunity to grow and strengthen our portfolio of innovation funding programmes. 

Social Impact and Innovation Lead

Vacancy 30 May 2024

We’re on the hunt for a Social Impact and Innovation Lead to strengthen our growing social impact work specifically focused on working with the private sector to improve long term social outcomes for people and communities.

Innovation Practitioner (two roles available)

Vacancy 30 May 2024

We are looking for two innovation practitioners to join our Innovation and Practice team.

Community collaboration in Hounslow

Project 23 May 2024

We are working with local residents and Hounslow Council to make the area greener and improve quality of life, both now and for the future.

‘Tougher policing won’t reduce knife crime’

Blog 23 May 2024

If politicians are serious about addressing youth violence, they urgently need to work with young people, says Chelsea McDonagh

Our Four-Scope Framework

Supporting businesses to deliver against the ‘S’ of their ESG commitments, our Four-Scope Social Framework gives multiple starting points to drive genuinely impactful and long-term impact.

Rose Mosse

Person 8 May 2024

Co-creating collaborative, generative and transformational experiences, Rose is fascinated by systems and making sense of them. She has an MSc in Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability, is a fellow in Social Innovation, and a student of Process-Oriented Psychology. 

Evidence of the lived experiences of poverty in the UK

Publication 1 May 2024

A synthesis of The Young Foundation’s work exploring the nature of poverty and low income in the UK since 2009.


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