Taking a leap together

3 February 2023

Innovating around established norms and processes can be tough, frustrating, exciting, and joyful all at the same time. The heritage sector is ready for the adventure. 

Getting beyond the jargon 

25 January 2023 | Authors: Richard Harries,

The Levelling Up White Paper brought the term ‘social infrastructure’ out of the shadows. But what does it mean, and why is it important? Richard Harries shares his thoughts. 

Hive Minds: Funding a more participatory future for citizen science

13 January 2023 | Authors: Siân Whyte,

This panel discussion reflects on the findings of a review of UKRI’s Citizen Science Exploration Grant-funded projects, and explores ways to support participatory research approaches. 


Transforming tomorrow

13 January 2023

Dr Steve Scott describes UKRI’s journey in supporting citizen science, working to enable diverse groups to participate with, and collaborate in, the research and innovation process.


Taking action together

13 January 2023 | Authors: Helen Goulden OBE,

Helen Goulden OBE, CEO of The Young Foundation, reflects on future of participatory research in policymaking. 


From tomato seeds in space to particles from comets

13 January 2023 | Authors: Siân Whyte,

Dr. Marc Kuchner, Chief Science Officer at NASA, reflects on his organisation’s extensive work using citizen science approaches.


Perspectives from the field of citizen science

13 January 2023 | Authors: Siân Whyte,

How is citizen science being used, what’s the view on the ground, and what does it take to share good practice and scale up?


Citizen science, health research, and the fight against Covid-19

13 January 2023 | Authors: Siân Whyte,

Professor Tim Spector shares insights from the world’s biggest citizen science health project – the ZOE Health Study – which provided data in response to the Covid-19 pandemic.


‘Speaking truth to power’

3 January 2023 | Authors: Jessica Redmond, Dorine Mwesiga, Emily Morrison,

Hearing from young people around the UK, this short film reflects on their civic journeys to becoming active citizens – and explores the change that’s needed to increase engagement. 


‘Let’s seize the optimism of this moment’

5 December 2022

Advisory Board member Page Nyame-Satterthwaite reflects on her recent visit to Parliament to discuss the youth-led Civic Journey programme.

Webinar: Looking back, moving forward: how to fund and support community businesses

29 November 2022

What have we learned about supporting community businesses? How can we support them better in the future? Watch this recording of a panel event which reflects on learnings about how to support community businesses in order to better support them in the future.


Telling the whole story: why we must be open about the complexities of citizen science research

31 October 2022 | Authors: Helena Hollis,

Dr Helena Hollis says support structures can be developed to build participatory research capacities for the future.


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