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Ideas, as well as people, now move more freely. We have put new models, drawn from other classes and other parts of the world, before the local people, creating new aspirations and new ideas.
Michael Young and Peter Willmott.
Family and Kinship in East London, 1957

Journey of a Social Entrepreneur – The Philosophy Foundation

Date: January 14 2014

Posted by: Malcolm Dean

Social entrepreneurs come in all shapes and sizes as the previous six profiles in this series vividly demonstrate. This month’s profile looks at a couple seeking to change the school curriculum. Initially they wanted to add a fourth ‘R’ to the traditional three. They have even considered making it the first R – the pursuit... Find out more

Johnson is confused and on dangerous ground

Date: December 05 2013

Posted by: Greg Winfield

It’s been nearly a week now and I’m aware I’m far from unique in being utterly appalled by the comments of Boris Johnson as he addressed the Centre for Policy Studies with a speech lauding brutal elitism. I quote the already much maligned Johnson here, and shudder – “Whatever you may think of the value... Find out more

Inactive youth

Date: November 19 2013

Posted by: Simon Willis

This letter was printed in The Times of London on October 30th, 2013.  ‘We have become dangerously inactive, as technology and other modern conveniences have engineered physical activity out of daily life.’ Sir, The human body was designed to move. But in a very short period of time, we have become dangerously inactive, as technology... Find out more

Innovation and inequality in Colombia

Date: October 31 2013

Posted by: Tricia Hackett

Earlier this month, The Young Foundation and Social Innovation Exchange (SIX) collaborated to design and run a series of workshops and a public event aimed at strengthening social innovation in Colombia. The public event, chaired by Colombian educationalist Vicky Colbert, drew over 400 people and included Geoff Mulgan (CEO of Nesta) talking about mainstreaming social... Find out more

Tutors United: A Learning Experience

Date: October 09 2013

Posted by: Joel Davis

Joel Davis, founder and Managing Director of social enterprise Tutors United, reflects on how what he learned in the Community Level Investment for Migrant Businesses (CLIMB) programme has changed the way he does business, leading to a Teach First Innovation Award. Pitches, business plans, social impact measurement checks, financial health checks – it would be... Find out more

Top Five Lessons Learned: Replicating Evidence-Based Interventions

Date: September 13 2013

Posted by: Tricia Hackett

In July, Realising Ambition published a report, written by the Social Research Unit at Dartington (SRU), looking at the first year of the programme. Realising Ambition is a five year £25m investment from the Big Lottery Fund in replicating evidence-based and promising approaches to help prevent children and young people (aged 8-14) from becoming involved... Find out more

How investable is education?

Date: August 16 2013

Posted by: Daria Kuznetsova

Big Society Capital and Impetus- PEF recently launched a report by The Young Foundation on the role of social investment in raising attainment of pupils from poorer backgrounds. To take the discussion forward, we brought together intermediaries, institutional investors, foundations and policy makers at a roundtable. Up for discussion were the three areas of opportunity... Find out more

Realising Ambition: one year in

Date: July 18 2013

Posted by:

The Social Research Unit at Dartington has just written the first report of the Realising Ambition programme, a £25m investment by the Big Lottery Fund in the replication of evidence-based and promising interventions for children and young people. One of the most striking things is the dearth of home-grown evidence-based interventions designed prevent or reduce... Find out more

Hearts and Minds

Date: July 08 2013

Posted by: Tessa Hibbert

Youth policy is to move to the heart of Government, but will it still be front of mind for those in education? Young people are negotiating the transition to adulthood and independence in an increasingly complex and challenging world. To be successful our young people need to be resilient and empowered: actively navigating their role... Find out more