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Smaller charities, SORP and issues of financial accounting and reporting

Repository entry 1 July 2021

This research is concerned with the use and impact of the Charities SORP on smaller charities across the three jurisdictions of the UK (England and Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland). The report is structured around eight core research questions, with the findings from each research method synthesised to produce answers to these questi…

Below the radar: Exploring grants data for grassroots organisations

Repository entry 1 August 2020

This research focuses on a group of community organisations that often get overlooked, and yet play a crucial role in bringing people together in local communities, frequently providing activities and services that others don’t. Its principal aim is to explore how this knowledge and evidence gap can be reduced and how better data can provide …

Connecting the dots: The funding landscape for community business

Repository entry 1 March 2020

This paper explores the funding landscape for community businesses. In doing so, it also explores what is distinctive about Power to Change’s offering, so that it can plan for its eventual exit from the market. It combines data from 360Giving, Power to Change’s own grants data, the Social Economy Data Lab and open data published by the Heri…

Big Local: The early years

Repository entry 1 December 2014

Since the Big Local programme started, 150 communities that had little or no tradition of resident- organising at a community-wide level have seen core groups of active residents and local organisations come together and develop shared visions of more positive futures for their community. Those involved report a growing sense of confidence and …


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