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Pathways to good work: toolkit for community organisations

Repository entry 1 June 2021

Work that is decent and fair is crucial to creating a motivated and skilled workforce that is empowered to deliver high quality services and to innovate. Community organisations are already delivering on many aspects of good work. This toolkit is designed to help organisations understand what good work is and improve existing practices by focus…

‘Good work’ and community business: Identifying pathways to good practice during Covid-19 and beyond

Repository entry 1 June 2021

This report examines what good work means in challenging times, with a focus on how community businesses are able to provide work which is fair, decent and rewarding within diverse and often challenging operational contexts. The research involved a review and further analysis of existing data sources, in-depth interviews with employees, vo…

The role of community businesses in providing health and wellbeing services: Challenges, opportunities and support needs

Repository entry 1 July 2018

A growing body of research shows how community businesses may be well-placed to address a wide range of health and wellbeing challenges. Recent survey evidence shows ‘improved health and wellbeing’ to be the most common primary aim for 25% of community businesses and a secondary aim for nearly 50%.

This research adopted a qualitative case …


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