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Nourishing Community Businesses: Beyond Market Development

Repository entry 1 January 2022

This report, written by CRESR at Sheffield Hallam for Power to Change, builds on the themes of an earlier insight report, Food for Thought: Understanding Market Development (Dobson, Macmillan and Wells, 2020), which was prepared in late 2019 and published in February 2020. Since then there have been major changes within Power to Change, the com…

Community business and the foundational economy

Repository entry 1 September 2021

This report looks at the role of community businesses which exist within the foundational economy (the range of goods and services that ensure places can function, and enables people in those places to thrive). With a focus on four places (Grimsby, Leeds, Leicester and Plymouth) this research offers insight into the democratising, empower…

Network Support: Community business peer networking before and during coronavirus

Repository entry 1 November 2020

Power to Change supports and promotes community businesses both through specific programmes and through wider field-shaping market development. This strand of work aims to build a supportive policy environment and infrastructure for community business to flourish. As part of an ongoing evaluation of the market development work, this paper exami…

Food for thought: Understanding market development in the community business sector

Repository entry 1 February 2020

This paper highlights key questions on the nature of market development in relation to community business: what it is, what it entails, and how success might be measured. It is drawn from interviews conducted with members of the Power to Change market development team and other stakeholders during September and early October 2019. The paper pri…


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