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20 April 2023, 11:00am - 12:00pm

Across multiple countries, there has been a rise in participatory governance innovations and co-production practices seeking to involve communities in public policy and administration. Within the UK, rising interest in co-design and co-production has led to the government ‘putting communities at the heart’ of new approaches to policy from Public Health to Net Zero. 

This discussion session considers ways communities have been engaged as active stakeholders through innovative approaches to research and policymaking. Common challenges will also be explored and discussed.

Participants will be invited to share their views and experiences in their own working practice through a series of discussion questions. 

About the Community and Policymaking in Context discussion series 

The Institute for Community Studies’ discussion series focuses on understanding contemporary debates and issues in the field of community research and community-led policy. These sessions are part of the capacity-building programme for research teams funded by the Nuffield Foundation and British Academy Understanding Communities Fund. They are open to all members of research teams, community members and practitioners they work with, and where appropriate the wider public.  

The objectives are:  

  • Contextualising: Situating the Understanding Communities projects in the context of wider UK and global participatory and community-based policymaking  
  • Convening: Inviting delegates to learn more about the possibilities of participatory and community-based policymaking  
  • Criticality: Sharing critical perspectives, debate and reflection around ‘what works’, and considering challenges researchers and policymakers face.   

Seminars/discussions will initially be run by the Institute for Community Studies, with slots available for researchers on the Understanding Communities programme to present some of their reflections or project progress. 

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