Date: 24 February 2021
Time: 5.30pm - 7pm

In Conversation with Robert Putnam, Shaylyn Romney Garrett & Special Guests

February 24th 2021, 5.30pm-7.00pm GMT – online

The Young Foundation and the Institute for Community Studies invite you to join the ‘poet laureate of civil society’ Robert Putnam and Shaylyn Romney Garrett to discuss their new book: The Upswing, How America Came Together a Century and How We Can Do It Again – It is a forensic analysis of the economic, social, cultural and political trends from America’s Gilded Age to the present day; showing how America emerged from an individualistic “I” society to a more communitarian “we” society – and back again. We will explore one of the books’ key findings: that the US successfully climbed out of an age of deep inequality, polarised politics and individualism, led by a broad movement of young people, innovating locally and creating new forms of association. Robert and Shaylyn will be joined by some of the UK’s leading social innovators to explore the relevance and importance of community-led change across the UK today.

Special guests: Rt Hon. Professor Lord David Blunkett and Dr. Imandeep Kaur, Co-Founder and Director at Civic Square, plus more to be announced.

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