‘He mixed the intellectual rigour of research with the entrepreneurial flair of business’

22 November 2023 | Authors: Micheal Omoniyi,

The Young Foundation Trustee, Mike Omoniyi, explains what being ‘Forever Young’ means to him.

‘He was a do-er; he got his hands dirty to make changes for the better’

22 November 2023 | Authors: Kate Hainsworth,

Our Trustee Kate Hainsworth shares what the spirit of Michael Young means to her.

‘What is citizen science’

9 October 2023 | Authors: Siân Whyte,

In this video, the Institute for Community Studies and UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) explore what ‘citizen science’ means, and how it’s changing the way that research is done.

‘How can we ensure a people-powered transition?’

29 September 2023 | Authors: Helen Goulden OBE,

Our CEO, Helen Goulden OBE, spoke on a panel about what a people-powered transition to net zero would look like at the Liberal Democrats conference 25 September 2023.

‘We need to prove that investment in prevention works’

31 July 2023 | Authors: Kersten England CBE,

Hearing from young people around the UK, this short film reflects on their civic journeys to becoming active citizens – and explores the change that’s needed to increase engagement. 

‘The link between race and wealth is difficult to dismantle’ 

20 July 2023 | Authors: Amelia Clayton,

Dr Alessandra Radicati, Amelia Clayton and Sophie De Groot highlight a widening racial wealth divide across London through the cost-of-living crisis.

‘Big change is coming, and young people are leading the way’

31 May 2023 | Authors: Daniel Farag,

Dan Farag, Director of Innovation and Practice, say meaningful solutions are led by people who’ve experienced challenges first hand.

A spotlight on the ‘S’ in ESG on the Turley ESG Bites podcast

25 May 2023 | Authors: Helen Goulden OBE,

Helen Goulden discusses The Young Foundation’s ‘Quest for the ‘S’ in ESG’ on the Turley ESG Bites podcast.

‘Communities must be at the heart of a people-powered transition to net zero’

11 May 2023 | Authors: Samanthi Theminimulle,

The independent review calls for widespread participation in low-carbon living – yet government policy hasn’t changed, says Samanthi Theminimulle.

‘I know first-hand that immigrants can feel alienated in their own home’

13 April 2023

Kickstart peer researcher Christina Riddle shares thoughts on – and research into – the experiences of immigrants in the UK.

‘Young people experience violence daily – and our ideas for change will save lives’ 

4 April 2023 | Authors: Annais Naylor Guerrero,

Sharing her experiences, Annais Naylor Guerrero says fixing youth violence means urgently addressing mistrust in our broken system.

‘A conversation not a concept’  

30 March 2023 | Authors: Siân Whyte,

Siân Whyte shares three ways to ensure the 15-minute neighbourhood concept is location-specific, and works for both residents and councils.


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