National Peer Research Network welcomes 15 new members

23 July 2020

A new cohort of peer researchers has graduated from 6 weeks of remote training and officially joined The Young Foundation’s National Peer Research Network.

Supporting Civic Universities

23 July 2020

Cross-sector approaches, collaborations and partnerships are at the heart of great local, social and national change. Being able to model that through the Civic University Network – at a governance, advisory, and delivery level – feels really important.

The stories behind the statistics

9 July 2020

The Young Foundation’s ‘Covid-19 and you’ research projects were carried out over 100 days to understand the social impact of the pandemic on communities across the UK. More than 600 adults participated, sharing first-person stories that paint a fascinating picture of life during lockdown.

Safety first: research paints uneasy picture of social cohesion

30 June 2020

Safety and concerns about responsibility for care top the list of what matters to UK communities, putting the future of the social contract into question — reveals a radical new research agenda published today by the Institute for Community Studies (ICS).

Institute for Community Studies announced as a strategic partner in the UK’s Civic University Network.

27 May 2020

The first priority of the Civic University Network will be to develop and support an impactful sector response to the Covid-19 crisis. First and foremost, this will involve consulting with universities, the civil society sector and community organisations to build a

New Covid-19 ‘citizen science’ project launched

7 April 2020

Health and wellbeing, access to social services, jobs and pay cheques, mortgages and rent payments and even weddings are all being disrupted by Covid-19. But what do we really know about the impact of these changes on individuals and our

From rescue to recovery

6 April 2020

The Young Academy is an innovation support programme and social investment fund tackling education inequality. It hears the frustrations and worries that Covid-19 presents – and the hope and optimism of having time to listen and innovate.

Community, Covid-19 and you: ways to share your stories

6 April 2020

Covid-19 is radically changing the way we go about our day-to-day lives. It’s shifting where we turn for help and support, and how we interact with friends, family and neighbours. The Young Foundation is asking people to share their experiences of physical and social distancing, asking how you connect with friends and family during this fast-changing and challenging time.

Community in a time of Covid-19

6 April 2020

Building on our long heritage of seeking to understand and involve communities in issues that directly affect them, The Young Foundation has today launched a landmark programme of research, focussed on understanding what it really feels like to live in a society characterised by contagion and containment. 

Community missing from Budget 2020

12 March 2020

Helen Goulden, CEO at The Young Foundation says: “When it comes to ‘levelling up’, the government needs to recognise that this economic agenda is as much about tackling inequality within places, towns and cities as it is across different geographic regions.”

‘Basic’ income supports wellbeing but not employability

26 February 2020

The results of a two-year research study released by The Young Foundation today casts a shadow on the potential of a temporary minimum income – similar to a ‘universal basic’ or ‘citizen’ income – as a mechanism to tackle economic and social inequality and reduce poverty.

Greater engagement with communities must be part of social investment

18 February 2020

The Young Foundation has launched a new report which sets out the extent to which the UK social investment sector should engage with traditional ‘service users’ to improve decisions which affect their lives.


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