Bringing 16- to 25-year-olds together, a new youth forum will tackle one of the UK’s biggest environmental challenges, ensuring the voice of young people is at the heart of decisions on nuclear waste disposal, which will have a long-lasting, multiple-generation impact.

This is a paid opportunity, with the project starting in the summer. Members of the forum don’t need any specific previous experience but will need to commit 35 hours a year to help shape a national environmental protection project. They will receive training and support, delivered by The Young Foundation, and get the real Living Wage for their time, with travel and other reasonable expenses covered.

The challenge at hand

The focus of this programme is the waste produced by nuclear technology, which currently provides around 15% of the UK’s electricity. While viewed by the UK government as essential to securing our energy supply, nuclear technology creates waste – and that waste must be managed safely and securely for the long term.

The youth forum will inform routes to engage with other young people and local communities, addressing the pros and cons, risks and possibilities of radioactive waste disposal, and helping shape lasting solutions with informed local support.

Communities in the driving seat

The forum will come together in workshop sessions, with the first this summer. The work is supported by Arup, a global collective of designers, consultants and experts dedicated to sustainable development. It is funded by Nuclear Waste Services (NWS), which is part of the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority group, with a collective long-term mission to clean up nuclear sites safely, securely, and cost-effectively.

The aim of this work is to hear young people’s views and perspectives, enabling NWS to respond to their concerns and ideas.

Photo by Keira Burton

Environment Families & Youth Posted on: 15 March 2024


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