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Big Local and Community Economic Development

Published: 2020

Residents of many Big Local communities have been seeking to influence and improve their local economies. Community Economic Development (CED) is the process of economic development within a specific geographic area to benefit the community. At its core, it is about local collective action to resolve economic and social challenges identified by…

Researching the local politics and practices of radical Community Development Projects in 1970s Britain

Published: 2017

This article re-evaluates the British Community Development Project (CDP) of the 1970s. It sets the national Community Development Project in context, as an experimental programme of action-research in twelve ‘deprived’ areas, set up in response to the rediscovery of poverty in the late 1960s. It explains the rationale for revisit…

Places, people and politics: Learning to do things differently

Published: 2010

This “learning history” was commissioned by the Leadership Centre for Local Government to give those people who participated in the government’s Total Place pilots the space to consciously reflect on their experiences. The inductive research method adopted, with the deliberate use of an open research question, was intended to enable the hi…

Total Place – A practitioner’s guide to doing things differently

Published: 2010

This report collates “the wisdom of a number of people who have been involved in the Total Place adventure”. There were 13 Total Place pilots in total over the period 2009-10 and the report concludes that “there is no single set of rules to follow”.

Total place: a whole area approach to public services

Published: 2010

This report, which was published just before the 2010 General Election that swept New Labour from power, set out the government’s ambition for “a new direction for local public services, based on extensive work over the last year by central government, local authorities and their partners.” The measures set out in this document built on the com…


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