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Rapid research COVID-19 Briefing #12: Community responses to COVID-19 – Potential and limits of community power in a pandemic

Published: 2021

New concepts of community power have risen up the policy agenda during COVID-19. Communities have widely been seen as integral to meeting local needs and as having the capacity to respond rapidly to the pandemic. The idea of community power is often assumed, in policy terms, to be a universally beneficial force. However, this fails to address i…

Power in Big Local partnerships

Published: 2021

This report is about the practice of decision making in a resident-led, place-based programme. It explores the operation of power within decision making, how decisions are made, by and with whom and in what contexts.

It considers how particular ideas gather appeal, how some voices are heard more than others, and how beliefs in ‘the right way…

Rapid research COVID-19 Briefing #11: Community responses to COVID 19 – Power and communities

Published: 2021

Community spirit has flourished and community power has been realised during the pandemic. But as thinking turns to recovery and ‘building back better’, it is timely to think critically about how power operates within and between communities, and to consider what this might mean for its potential for transformation. In this briefing we look…

Rapid research COVID-19 Briefing #9: Community responses to COVID-19 – Communities and local authorities

Published: 2021

The varied ways in which local authorities have worked with communities in response to COVID-19 is of great interest for policymakers, researchers and practitioners at the local level. Earlier research on this topic can provide helpful frameworks and insights to inform current debates. This briefing looks at literature on the relationships betw…

Next Generation case study: Gloucestershire Community Energy Co-op

Published: 2020

The aims of the Gloucestershire Community Energy Coop (GCEC) are to enable local communities and individuals to take part in exciting renewable energy schemes across the county, and to encourage energy saving initiatives. By installing solar panels on community buildings, and developing suitable sites for wind and hydro schemes, we aim to give …

Empowered Communities in the 2020s

Published: 2017

This research looks at the current and future value of community engagement in the UK. Funded by the Community Development Foundation legacy money and the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, this research will inform Local Trust’s future work on community empowerment.

Empowered Communities in the 2020s: Feedback on the first 50 responses to the opening survey

Published: 2017

As part of the scoping stage for the ‘Empowered Communities in the 2020s’ project, we invited people interested in contributing to the research to complete a short survey asking how they would like to be involved; what they felt was most important to help communities become more empowered and vibrant; and for examples of where we might look for…


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