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Thematic Paper: Assets & Community Businesses

Published: 2022

Community assets – buildings or land which are used for the social interest or wellbeing of the wider community – can be essential to a community business’ service delivery and financial sustainability, and can contribute to greater community empowerment and pride. Power to Change supported communit…

“Why don’t they ask us?” The role of communities in levelling up

Published: 2021

This report by the Institute for Community Studies reveals that current approaches to regeneration and economic transformation are not working for the majority of local communities and their economies.

Its key findings are that:

Interventions have consistently failed to address the most deprived communities, contributing to a 0%…

Trading Up: Match Trading® for Community Businesses as a powerful incentive for regeneration post-COVID

Published: 2020

This report demonstrates the impact of the Community Business Trade Up programme, a five year, £6.5million support programme aimed at strengthening community businesses. The aim of the programme is to help participants increase their trading income, build an entrepreneurial mindset, reduce grant dependency and be financially sustainable. Run b…

Developing potential lessons from community experiences of regeneration

Published: 2020

This report was commissioned by Local Trust to provide a resource for communities experiencing regeneration initiatives. It aims to bring together case studies and practical guidance to help ensure that communities are effectively involved in the regeneration process, to the benefit of both local residents and those designing and delivering fut…

Achieving local economic change: what works?

Published: 2019

This research examines the impact of community-led partnerships in deprived areas and what makes these successful in achieving local economic change. The research team reviewed evidence from forty years of English regeneration initiatives and interviewed expert practitioners on what works. Local Trust commissioned the research from the Departme…

Achieving local economic change: what works? Executive Summary

Published: 2019

Since the late 1980s, successive governments have sought to include local stakeholders in the delivery of regeneration funding. Communities have been invited to decide boundaries, lead local partnerships and determine the type, scale and duration of area- based initiatives.This research examines the impact of these community-led partnerships in…

Heeley Development Trust

Published: 2017

# Preview | Download RI-10-CS-Heeley Development Trust.pdf469kB Author(s) Unspecified Citation Unspecified (2017) Heeley Development Trust. Case Study. Power to Change. Details Report type: Case Study Publisher: Power to Change Location: Yorkshire and the Humber

Evaluation of the National Strategy for Neighbourhood Renewal: Final report

Published: 2010

The National Strategy for Neighbourhood Renewal (NSNR) was launched in 2001 with the vision that “within 10 to 20 years no-one should be seriously disadvantaged by where they live”.

In 2005 AMION Consulting was appointed by the (then) Office of the Deputy Prime Minister to undertake an evaluation of the implementation of the Strategy….

The New Deal for Communities Experience: A final assessment

Published: 2010

This report is a synthesis of evidence presented in a series of final reports from the national evaluation of the New Deal for Communities (NDC) Programme carried out between 2001-2010 by a consortium led by the Centre for Regional Economic and Social Research at Sheffield Hallam University.

The Programme, launched in 1998, is one of the most …


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