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People shaping places, places shaping people: Community asset ownership

Published: 2022

More than 6,300 assets are in community ownership in England today. This model plays an essential role in ensuring places are built on resilient entities and benefit those living locally. As well as improving service delivery and financial sustainability, community asset ownership has been found to reduce vacancy rates, enable ‘bottom-up’ r…

Front and Centre, Putting Social Value at the Heart of Inclusive Growth

Published: 2019

The report titled “Front and Centre, Putting Social Value at the Heart of Inclusive Growth” by Social Enterprise UK, has found that local councils are increasingly using procurement to drive higher economic growth. It calls on central government, local councils and other public bodies to do more to use social value and put it at the front a…

The Economics of Community Asset Transfers: An Economic Framework to define and measure Social Value in Community Asset Transfers

Published: 2017

A common feature across community businesses in different sectors is for their business model to be heavily reliant on and/or driven by Community Asset Transfers (CATs). A CAT is the transfer of the ownership and/or management of an asset from its public-sector owner (usually a local authority) to a community organisation for less than market v…

Community business and the Social Value Act

Published: 2017

The Power to Change Research Institute commissioned two independent researchers to undertake research to explore views of the Social Value Act among community businesses in early 2017. The Public Services (Social Value) Act came into force in January 2013. The Act requires commissioners of public services in England and Wales to consider the so…


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