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Good Evidence: A guide to help community organisations produce research that gets taken seriously

Published: 2022

This guide is for community organisations undertaking their own research or doing research in partnership with other institutions. It has been informed by consultation with members of the Greater Manchester Third Sector Research Network.

Part I comprises three short sections on Trustworthiness, followed by Ethics and Bias, which are c…

The social implications of Covid-19 on Communities

Published: 2020

For over 20 years scholars and, more recently, policymakers have proposed that a ‘turn’ to community will occur in times of uncertainty and globalised crisis. The global outbreak of Covid-19 has presented an unprecedented test for this hypothesis in the UK context. Individual and family- focused organising surged and continues to happe…

We want to change and they have the power: Findings of Bristol BAME sector review

Published: 2018

The legacy of austerity and enduring underinvestment – which stems form lack of equity in funding and procurement – have left Bristol’s BAME-led sector wounded. Survival has become the key measure of success, and most organisations rely on tight budgets and depend on voluntary work in order to survive. This report presents findings o…


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