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How can events help build connected, happy and thriving communities?

Published: 2023

This inquiry was set up on the tenth anniversary of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games in order to learn the lessons of past events and to identify how we can capitalise on the power of events to facilitate and encourage wider social and economic change.

Chaired by Sir Tom Hughes-Hallett, the Inquiry’s 25 members have taken evidenc…

Case Study: ARK at Egwood

Published: 2021

ARK (Acts of Random Kindness) at Egwood is a land-based day facility in South Somerset set up in 2019. It offers therapeutic activities, experiences and support services on 12 acres of land with animals, horticulture and communal buildings to improve people’s health and wellbeing. It has two paid staff and about 35 volunteers who regularly su…

Case Study: Hyde Park Source

Published: 2021

Hyde Park Source is a community organisation in Leeds set up in 1998. It runs a range of projects including a Design-and-Build service, Outdoor Education and Community Garden groups. It aims to improve health and wellbeing by working with local communities ‘to help them improve their surroundings, designing and creating attractive, exciting a…

Case Study: Windmill Hill City Farm

Published: 2021

Windmill Hill City Farm was set up in the 1970s and is an important community hub in south Bristol. In addition to a community farm, it has a café, day care nursery and outdoor play areas, and an education department to welcome school visits.

Green Synergy

Published: 2021

Green Synergy uses community gardening and horticultural therapy to build skills for life and work, improve mental and physical health and educate people about the environment, food and farming. The organisation works in disadvantaged communities and with vulnerable people, including those living with mental health conditions, learning dif…


Published: 2021

Likewise has a 30-year history of working alongside people from all backgrounds and circumstances to support community wellbeing and help individuals navigate life. Likewise provides support and care to those living with mental ill-health, social isolation and homelessness. It is constantly working on building an inclusive community that is abo…

Community Power: The Evidence

Published: 2021

The term community power captures a wide range of different practices, approaches and initiatives. Common to all of these is the principle that communities have knowledge, skills and assets which mean they themselves are well placed to identify and respond to any challenges that they face, and to thrive.

This report sets out the wealth of comm…

Empowering Places: A report for Power to Change, using data from the Thriving Places Index

Published: 2020

In this report, The Centre for Thriving Places uses the Thriving Places Index (TPI) to look at the conditions that support wellbeing, enabling communities to thrive fairly and sustainably, in six Local Authority areas: Hartlepool, North East Lincolnshire, Leicester, Plymouth, Wigan, Bradford. Looking across the headline elements of Local Condit…

A systematic review of the community wellbeing impact of community business

Published: 2020

This systematic review from the What Works Centre for Wellbeing looks at the ways in which community businesses work to improve the wellbeing of their customers, staff, volunteers, and local communities and what these wellbeing outcomes are. It also identifies key risks which have the potential to prevent positive impact on community wellbeing….

Croxteth Sports and Wellbeing Centre, Liverpool

Published: 2019

# Preview | Download RI-21-CS-Croxteth Sports and Wellbeing Centre Liverpool.pdf754kB Author(s) Unspecified Citation Unspecified (2019) Croxteth Sports and Wellbeing Centre, Liverpool. Case Study. Power to Change. Details Report type: Case Study Publisher: Power to Change Location: North West

Re-thinking the English indices of multiple deprivation: A review and exploration of alternative and complementary area-based indicator systems

Published: 2018

Power to Change commissioned the Bristol Centre for Economics and Finance (BCEF) of the University of the West of England (UWE) to review what insights on disadvantage the current English IMD offers, how these insights fit with the Power to Change mission, and ‘good practice’ in filling the gaps between the insights of the existing IMD and …

The role of community businesses in providing health and wellbeing services: Challenges, opportunities and support needs

Published: 2018

A growing body of research shows how community businesses may be well-placed to address a wide range of health and wellbeing challenges. Recent survey evidence shows ‘improved health and wellbeing’ to be the most common primary aim for 25% of community businesses and a secondary aim for nearly 50%.

This research adopted a qualitative case …


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