The 11,000 organisations that comprised the voluntary and community youth sector (VCYS) in 2010 were (and are) under unprecedented pressure. This report considers the potential for social finance to not only address under-capitalisation, but also to grow the capacity and entrepreneurialism of the sector.

Findings are based on a survey of nearly 100 leaders in youth sector charities and social enterprises, as well as in-depth telephone interviews with four leading social investors, and 14 youth sector organisations.

Nearly one in ten of the youth sector organisations surveyed identified themselves as ready for social investment at present and 20 per cent of organisations expect to receive up to five per cent of their income from social finance in three years, which could total up to ��5 million. The report argues for the creation of a dedicated social finance retailer for the youth sector. The body will offer a range of financial and non-financial produ

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Posted on: 1 August 2011 Authors: Bethia McNeil, Cynthia Shanmugalingam, Sophie Moullin,


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