The Young Foundation, in partnership with NHS England, The Town & Country Planning Association, PA Consulting and The Kings Fund has launched Putting Health into Place. Through the Healthy New Towns programme we explored how the development of new places could create healthier and more connected communities with integrated and high-quality services.

Putting Health into Place, our learning from the programme, is outlined across 10 principles here:

The Healthy New Towns programme was launched in 2015 and we worked with 10 demonstrator sites chosen in March 2016 from over 100 applicants to help do this. The sites explored the’how-to’ of healthy place-making to draw out their key lessons to share with others in the Putting Health into Place publications. This was supported by a Steering Group comprised of experts drawn from health, local authorities, government, planning, development and academia.

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Posted on: 22 October 2019 Authors: Amanda Hill-Dixon, Laura Whittall, Radhika Bynon,


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