This toolkit aims to encourage local authorities, housing associations and other public agencies to think differently about how to break the cycle of entrenched poverty and disadvantage on small housing estates. The ideas, approaches and lessons in this toolkit are based on work with residents and agencies on three small estates in Coventry, Kent and South Shields.

Funded by the Tenant Services Authority, over nine months a team from the Young Foundation worked with people living and working on the estates to understand the reality of local deprivation and disadvantage.

Drawing upon learning from this project (download the interim summary report and scoping paper), and over four years’ work with deprived neighbourhoods across the country, we argue that regeneration should focus more on supporting the social and emotional needs of people living in deprived areas, as well as physical development and improvements to local services.

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Posted on: 1 April 2010 Authors: Corinne Cordes, Dick Muskett, Mandeep Hothi, Saffron Woodcraft,


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