The UK government has pledged to achieve ‘net zero’ carbon emissions by 2050, but success will require people facing different advantages, disadvantages and circumstances making fundamental changes in all aspects of daily life.  

To investigate how this transition might inform policymaking, a nationally representative survey of 2,100 adults was conducted by the Institute for Community Studies and Ipsos in November 2021.  

The survey sought to understand the UK public’s perceptions of these ‘net zero’ targets, asking participants for their views on: 

  • awareness of, and confidence in, the government’s targets and how they would be affected by them. 
  • readiness to make changes in their daily life, and what barriers they faced in reducing their carbon emissions.
  • fairness and whether a ‘just transition’ to net zero can be achieved without ‘leaving behind’ parts of the country or communities. 

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Posted on: 22 September 2022


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