Improving pathways to employment in Loughborough Junction

Published: October 2012 Publication Type: Publication

Authors: Lucia Caistor-Arendar, Mandeep Hothi, Tricia Hackett

This report is a summary of interviews, focus groups, and surveys of stakeholders and residents of Loughborough Junction carried out by the Young Foundation between March and October 2012 with funding from JPMorgan.

Our research aimed to understand and map existing pathways to employment in Loughborough Junction (focussing on the local provision of education, skills training, and employment advice) and surface potential ideas to improve or create new pathways.

Major barriers to accessing existing skills training and education include lack of childcare, affordability, and lack of awareness of opportunities. However, four ideas were generated from a service design workshop held with key stakeholders from a range of local institutions using composite personas drawn from local resident and stakeholder engagement.

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