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European Policy Brief: Social Innovation in Health and Social Care

Publication 6 May 2017

This policy brief on Social Innovation in Health and Social Care is based on results of the EC H2020 funded project Social Innovation: Driving Force of Social Change (SI-DRIVE). Highlights of this policy field are given from results of a

Health and Social Care Policy Field Summary Report

Publication 6 May 2017

Social innovation in health and social care is strongly determined by social values, culture and societal expectations. Answers to questions such as, who should pay for care? and, who deserves care? differ across contexts and come together to shape health

Humanity at Work – MONDRAGON, a social innovation ecosystem case study

Publication 5 April 2017

This research report on the MONDRAGON Corporation, the largest industrial Co-operative in the world, explores it as a social innovation ecosystem, a highly successful and competitive way of transforming people’s lives for the better through shared ownership. MONDRAGON is a

Social innovation policy in Europe: where next?

Publication 6 January 2017

The global challenges we face are resistant to conventional policy measures. Tackling issues like inequality, climate change and migration requires new thinking, new collaborations and new practices. Meanwhile, it is widely argued that to create an inclusive and cohesive society,

Social Innovation in Health and Social Care: Case Study Results

Publication 6 December 2016

Health and social care is a policy field that is ripe for social innovation because of the significant problems being faced by health systems the world over and because of the significant differences between different health and social care contexts.

Fertile Ground: Creating the conditions for social innovation to flourish in Northern Ireland

Publication 26 July 2016

Northern Ireland is in the midst of a period of intense social and economic change. We face both profound challenges and a complex web of new opportunities. This is a moment that requires creative solutions to address the greatest issues

Social Innovation Strategies – Regional Report

Publication 6 December 2015

This global report describes the situation of social innovation in various regions of the world. The regional chapters take a territorial perspective and not a policy domain perspective. To date, as far as we know there has not been a

Policy Brief: Social Innovation in Health and Social Care

Publication 6 December 2015

This policy brief appraises the state of social innovation in Health and Social Care and looks at current and future challenges and opportunities in the policy field. This document is based on the Policy Field Report for Health and Social

Social Innovation in Health and Social Care: State-of-the-Art Summary

Publication 6 August 2015

The state-of-the-art report provides a policy field specific study on social innovation and the related governance system. It addresses recent challenges, corresponding practice fields of social innovation as well as illustrating social innovation projects. Thereby, the European, national and global

Unequal Nation: The case for social innovation to work for a gender equal future

Publication 16 July 2015

This report presents an up to date picture of gender inequality in the UK, and explores how gender equality and social innovation actors can come together to create a positive, gender equal future for men and women. We looked at

Evidence and replication

Publication 23 June 2015

Th is infographic from the Realising Ambition consortium explores the why, the how and the who of evidence and replication. It presents the learning from the programme including key messages, across evidence, replication and collaboration.

URBACT GeniUS! Open Final Report

Publication 10 June 2015

This report investigates open innovation as a method of engaging citizens to identify and solve urban challenges. It is built on insights from the GEniUS! Open innovation project which was part of an URBACT programme which enables the exchange of


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