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Care4Care Overview

Publication 1 May 2012

Life expectancy in the UK is increasing at more than five hours a day, every day. Improvements in the diagnosis and treatments of diseases as well as changes in areas such as diet, housing, sanitation and education have all contributed

Financing Social Impact

Publication 30 April 2012

Creating a finance ecosystem where social innovations can flourish. Where do we want to be in 2022? The field of social innovation is beginning to gather momentum, with significant investment from governments, foundations and business. The field combines commitment, experience

The Best of New Britain: An UpRising survey on leadership in the UK

Publication 1 March 2012

Getting the support and development of young leaders right is vital for the future health of civic life and public organisations. To this end, The Young Foundation programme UpRising has been exploring what young people think is ‘best’ for this

Developing skills for life and work: Accelerating social and emotional learning across South Australia

Publication 15 February 2012

Young people today enter a world of unparalleled uncertainty and risk, with the most marginalised and vulnerable facing the greatest threat. In 2012, the majority of young people in South Australia continued to thrive, with lower than average youth unemployment,

A nod is as good as a wink

Publication 1 January 2012

The U is interested in people and in the ways they get along with each other. At the same time, this organisation seeks to promote a low-key vision of community relations, much less high-energy than the schemes promoting asset transfer,

One Hundred Not Out: resilience and active ageing

Publication 1 December 2011

For the first time in history in the UK the number of people over 60 outnumbers those under 16. A common reaction to this is pessimistic. This breeds social pessimism; as if we have created inexorably longer lives but are

Review of Innovation in the NHS

Publication 1 December 2011

NHS Chief Executive’s Review of Innovation in the NHS Summary of the responses to the Call for Evidence and Ideas. In June 2011, the Department of Health issued a Call for Evidence and Ideas about how the adoption and diffusion

A review of urban Community Land Trusts in England

Publication 1 December 2011

This paper, produced by the Social Life team when at The Young Foundation, reviews the experience of urban community land trusts in England. It identifies practical lessons about how to establish a community land trust and investigates common issues and

Design for Social Sustainability

Publication 19 November 2011

This report from Social Life, a Young Foundation venture, was originally commissioned by the Homes and Communities Agency as part of the “Future Communities- Social Life” programme. It sets out a framework and online resource for built environment professionals and

Tottenham Together: Voices from Tottenham after the 2011 riots

Publication 5 November 2011

The Young Foundation was commissioned by the Haringey Community Panel to engage the community of Tottenham to understand how they viewed the impact of the August disturbances, and to consider actions that can be taken to help the area recover

Lighting the Touchpaper: Growing the Market for Social Investment in England

Publication 1 November 2011

The UK has a long history of developing innovative approaches to meeting social needs. With the establishment of Big Society Capital and the development of new products such as social impact bonds the UK led the world in this area.

Grow Your Own: How local authorities can support social enterprise

Publication 1 November 2011

Social enterprises have long been established in Britain, providing a range of products and services whilst also delivering social value. In 2011, as a sector, social enterprise was still emerging but attracting more attention – largely driven by public spending


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