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Community Business Market Survey 2020: Impact of the Covid-19 pandemic

Repository entry 1 August 2020

This report is the first of two to be published around the 2020 annual Community Business Market Survey data. These research findings are based on questions relating to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic in the 2020 iteration of Power to Change’s annual Community Business Market survey. This paper provides top-level findings about the impact…

Empowering Places – Interim Evaluation Report

Repository entry 1 August 2020

The Empowering Places programme aims to build more resilient communities by catalysing and nurturing community businesses to provide benefits and opportunities for local people. The programme funds locally rooted ‘catalyst’ organisations in six places – Wigan; Leicester; Bradford; Plymouth; Grimsby; Hartlepool – to help empower communit…

Empowering Places: A report for Power to Change, using data from the Thriving Places Index

Repository entry 1 August 2020

In this report, The Centre for Thriving Places uses the Thriving Places Index (TPI) to look at the conditions that support wellbeing, enabling communities to thrive fairly and sustainably, in six Local Authority areas: Hartlepool, North East Lincolnshire, Leicester, Plymouth, Wigan, Bradford. Looking across the headline elements of Local Condit…

Homes in Community Hands – Baseline Evaluation Report

Repository entry 1 August 2020

Power to Change’s Homes in Community Hands (HCH) programme provides grants to help build and refurbish affordable housing. Specifically, the programme is supporting the development of community-led housing (CLH) in England and has been allocated £7.6 million to do this. Between 2016 to 2018 £1.8 million in grants was disbursed in a vanguard…

Rapid Research COVID-19 Briefing #4: Blending formal and informal community responses

Repository entry 1 August 2020

In Briefing 3: Grassroots Action, Rob Macmillan explored the literature on the value of informal community activity in conditions of crisis. This included a classification of responses (Whittaker et al, 2015) from established crisis response organisations to expanding organisations meeting the demands of the moment as well as extending organisa…

National Peer Research Network welcomes 15 new members

News 23 July 2020

A new cohort of peer researchers has graduated from 6 weeks of remote training and officially joined The Young Foundation’s National Peer Research Network.

Supporting Civic Universities

News 23 July 2020

Cross-sector approaches, collaborations and partnerships are at the heart of great local, social and national change. Being able to model that through the Civic University Network – at a governance, advisory, and delivery level – feels really important.

National Peer Research Network welcomes 15 new members

Blog 23 July 2020

A new cohort of peer researchers has graduated from 6 weeks of remote training and officially joined The Young Foundation’s National Peer Research Network. The peer researchers hail from Sunderland, Ayrshire, Cardiff, Grimsby and London where they are currently interviewing people about the impact of Covid-19 on their lives and their communities. 

The stories behind the statistics

News 9 July 2020

The Young Foundation’s ‘Covid-19 and you’ research projects were carried out over 100 days to understand the social impact of the pandemic on communities across the UK. More than 600 adults participated, sharing first-person stories that paint a fascinating picture of life during lockdown.

How Covid-19 changed community life in the UK

Publication 9 July 2020

A week by week archive of life during a pandemic. Understanding the impact on people and communities. Covid-19 has radically changed the way we go about our day-to-day lives. It has shifted where we turn for help and support and

Community Businesses in the North of England 2020: New comparative analysis from the Third Sector Trends study

Repository entry 1 July 2020

This report compares the activities of local community businesses with those of other types of third sector organisation (TSOs) in the North of England. The report draws upon findings from the longitudinal Third Sector Trends study, which was most recently run again in 2019. Within the report, 2019 findings about community businesses are compar…

Left Behind areas 2020 – Interim Set

Repository entry 1 July 2020

A Community Needs Index was developed to identify areas experiencing these second set of challenges by combining a series of indicators, conceptualised under three domains:

Social Infrastructure: Measures of the presence of key community, civic, educational and cultural assets in and in close proximity to the area.
Connectedness: Measures o…


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