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‘Our transition to net zero must be government-led and people-powered’ 

Blog 10 March 2023

To achieve the UK’s net zero goals, we need a united department at the heart of Westminster, says Emily Morrison 

Capturing the joy of music 

News 9 March 2023

A new project bringing Eurovision’s ‘sense of togetherness and cultural exchange’ to local communities in East London  

Call for evidence launches to inform policy for youth engagement

News 9 March 2023

Our Civic Journey programme announces a call for evidence to help shape policy recommendations to support young people to develop as active and empowered citizens.

A call for evidence

The Civic Journey call for submissions is now open! Please share written and published evidence to help shape policy recommendations and support young people to develop as active and empowered citizens.  

Ari Metos

Person 2 March 2023

Ari joined The Young Foundation in 2023, after managing events and engagement for a health
research learned society, and working as a creative producer with a London-based brand

Alessandra Radicati

Person 1 March 2023

Alessandra joined The Young Foundation in September 2022. Previously, she worked at the Institute for Global Prosperity at University College London, supporting research on prosperity and inequality in east London with a focus on citizen science-led approaches.

Julie Munro

Person 28 February 2023

Julie joined The Young Foundation in February 2023 after working in finance roles in the charity and education sectors for more than twenty years.

Young people and their civic journey – funding opportunity

17 March 2023
10:00am – 1:00pm

An interactive session to share ideas that could be funded through the Civic Journey project, receive feedback and support to apply.

The Civic Journey: introducing the idea

Professor Matt Flinders introduce the concepts that underpin the Civic Journey programme, supported by an accompanying discussion paper.

‘Our hopes for the future’

What opportunities and barriers do people aged 16 to 30 face? These short participatory research films are made by, and representative of, young people around the UK.

‘A human-centred approach in an uncertain world’

Blog 21 February 2023

Young people need ‘pragmatic and solution-orientated design-thinking’ as they develop skills, knowledge and behaviour on their Civic Journeys, says Professor Matt Flinders 


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