Enter our cash prize competition – what lies beyond the meritocracy?

Date: 14 September 2018



What lies beyond the meritocracy? To mark the 60 years since Michael Young’s  seminal work was published, we are inviting people to respond to this question – with cash prizes and a Young Foundation Fellowship for the winning entries.

This year is the 60th year of the first publication of The Rise of the Meritocracy and much has been written about the meritocracy over that period. Michael Young was always quite regretful that the term had come to be associated with an ideal; something to be striven for. He foresaw significant downsides to a mature meritocratic state, and the narrator of The Rise of the Meritocracy plots how would ultimately lead to a wave of populism, nationalism, a turning against the elites – and protests led by women. The prescience of this should not be overlooked.

Young summarised the meritocracy in the form of an equation: IQ + Effort. And if, as Michael said, ‘Every ‘ocracy’ lights a match beneath it’, what lies beyond the meritocracy?

This is your chance to share your response to this question – and win a bit of cash!

We’re open to receiving applications that are written, filmed, drawn or represented in physical form.

You can download more information here. The deadline for submissions is 14 September 2018.