Press comment on Joseph Rowntree Foundation report on poverty in Wales

Date: 8 November 2016

Today (Tuesday 8th November) the Joseph Rowntree Foundation launched its comprehensive plan Prosperity without poverty: a framework for action in Wales showing how to solve poverty in Wales by 2030, written with the Bevan Foundation. The report shows that Poverty costs Wales £3.6 billion every year, and twenty three per cent of Wales’ population, 700,000 people, are struggling to make ends meet. Commenting on this report the Young Foundation said;

‘We welcome the Joseph Rowntree Foundation launch of Prosperity Without Poverty which provides a comprehensive plan for addressing deprivation and poverty in Wales. Through our own research project, Amplify Cymru The Young Foundation has been actively working with Welsh communities to find out about what they need and want. This year, we have also published Credit Where Credit’s Due a new report on the devastating impact across Wales of high cost credit.

We believe that ordinary people in communities must take centre stage in changing the trajectories of their lives. Our research has shown that communities across the country, whatever their challenges, are brimming with people full of ideas, motivation and potential. If this potential is recognised, celebrated and supported, in the form of new ideas, networks, collaborations and relationships between people and institutions, communities themselves can provide the answers to the question of how to build a fairer future. We hope that community engagement is at the heart of any forthcoming programmes in response to the Joseph Rowntree Foundation research’.