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“Let’s talk about parks” – conversation club resource

Publication 5 December 2017

Parks have a special place in the modern urban landscape as they are publicly owned, free to use and exist simply for our enjoyment, regardless of our background or social background. Spending time outdoors provides respite from the stresses of

#refugeeswelcome in parks: a resource book

Publication 4 December 2017

Do you work directly with refugees and asylum seekers? This resource book will share information on how the use of public space can help to facilitate wellbeing and inclusion, and offers ideas for supporting positive experiences. Are you involved in

A Tale of Two Cities: Community Perspectives and Narratives on Inequality, Struggle, Hope and Change

Publication 15 November 2017

Today we are facing unprecedented inequality challenges. Who holds responsibility for the widening gaps in society and how do we solve them? A tale of two cities presents community perspectives on what inequality is, and how it is experienced, struggled

Valuing Place: The importance of place for understanding inequality and taking action in Wales

Publication 7 February 2017

Amplify Cymru was a programme of interconnected research and innovation support funded by the Welsh Government. Amplify Cymru helps people take action together to create fairer communities where everyone can thrive. Our research into the lived experience of over 350

Benches for everyone: Solitude in public, sociability for free

Publication 9 November 2015

The Bench Project finds that benches in our towns and cities, though easily overlooked, play a crucial role in social life. This publication argues that benches are currently being removed from public spaces, damaging community life and social integration. Benches

The U: Connecting communities through learning

Publication 4 August 2015

The U was a project with a strong vision – to create and foster social connections in communities without demanding a large shift in lifestyle, culture or personal values. By creating safer, healthier and happier communities through people being connected

On the Ground: community mapping in Barnet

Publication 3 July 2015

This report sets out the results of a pilot study conducted on behalf of Barnet Borough Council.  The project had three primary aims: Map the networks and relationships which exist between people and organisations within a particular area of the

Beyond GDP: Measuring social progress at the local level

Publication 30 May 2013

The aim of the Beyond GDP project was to expand our understanding of how we measure societal progress at a local level – in other words, to going beyond monetary measurements to look at the many other aspects which affect

Rowing against the tide: Making the case for community resilience

Publication 1 December 2012

Community resilience is a term that is increasingly used in the policy sphere and yet there is a lack of understanding about what it really means in practice. With the long shadow of the recession still over us, and with

Adapting to change: the role of community resilience

Publication 1 October 2012

Adapting to Change asks what it is that makes communities not just bounce back from adversity but thrive when faced with long-term challenges. This report, commissioned by the Barrow Cadbury Trust, seeks to build on this work, deepen our understanding

Local 2.0: How digital technology empowers local communities

Publication 30 May 2012

Local 2.0 was a Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) funded project that aimed to learn how local communities can be empowered through social media and other digital technologies. Between April 2010 and April 2012 we supported communities in

Taking Tottenham Forward Community Summit

Publication 1 May 2012

The Young Foundation was commissioned by the London Borough of Haringey to design and facilitate the Tottenham Community Summit. The aim of the Community Summit was to create the opportunity for local stakeholders to meet one another, learn about the


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