The Civic Journey is a two-year, youth-led project, exploring young people’s transition from adolescence to active citizenship. Focused on 16 to 30-year-olds, the programme looks at changes in individuals’ position, role and relationship with their wider community, and seeks to understand both what young people want to do for their community – and how communities, local ecosystems and national policy can support them in return.

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Youth agenda

Create a youth agenda for civic renewal, exploring how – through what structures and means, and on what issues – young people seek to and are already taking action.

This youth agenda is currently being developed, and will be published soon.

Social action

Delivery of multiple connected social action projects, created and led by young people, to pilot how gaps can be filled and how a holistic civic journey could work.

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Evidence-based research

Assemble evidence of UK and international knowledge and expertise to understand what works to support young people’s civic journeys and where there are gaps.

Policy influence

Create an infrastructure linking 16- to 30-year-olds with policymakers to inspire a new blueprint to support young people to become more active citizens.

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Community research

The Institute for Community Studies is powered by The Young Foundation, a not-for-profit tackling societal issues with a collaborative, multi-disciplinary approach.

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Social innovation

Involving people from diverse sectors, The Young Foundation shapes game-changing initiatives.

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