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A Civic Strength Index for London

Published: 2021

The London Civic Strength Index and its underlying framework have been co-designed and co-created by Londoners to understand where civic strength exists; to make that strength visible; and to capture what makes it unique in communities across London. This first report sets out a clear framework for civic strength in London, aims …

Left Behind areas 2020 – Interim Set

Published: 2020

A Community Needs Index was developed to identify areas experiencing these second set of challenges by combining a series of indicators, conceptualised under three domains:

Social Infrastructure: Measures of the presence of key community, civic, educational and cultural assets in and in close proximity to the area.
Connectedness: Measures o…

Flipping the Coin: The two sides of Community Wealth in England

Published: 2019

The Young Foundation’s 2018 Patchwork Philanthropy report showed for the first time that not only is public sector spending unequally distributed geographically, but so too is philanthropic spend by charities, trusts and foundations. Some of the regions with the highest levels of deprivation receive some of the lowest levels of investment, re…


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