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Understanding the financial impact of Power to Change’s grant funding on community businesses

Published: 2022

This research paper emerged from the need to better understand the financial impact generated by Power to Change’s investment in community businesses. In other words, several years after Power to Change’s investment, what has the financial impact of each programme been on its grantees? The paper draws on previous work that identified the va…

Thematic Paper: Sector & Community Businesses

Published: 2022

This working paper explores how the concept of sector can be useful for funders to understand and support community businesses. It also presents recommendations for using sector typologies going forward.

While sector trends in the community business market are not always clear to identify, this research shows that sector typologies can nonethe…

Nourishing Community Businesses: Beyond Market Development

Published: 2022

This report, written by CRESR at Sheffield Hallam for Power to Change, builds on the themes of an earlier insight report, Food for Thought: Understanding Market Development (Dobson, Macmillan and Wells, 2020), which was prepared in late 2019 and published in February 2020. Since then there have been major changes within Power to Change, the com…

Power to Change and blended finance

Published: 2021

The social investment market in the UK is growing rapidly, with transaction values rising from £165 million to £1.1 billion over the last ten years. Power to Change sees social investment as being a key funding approach to develop the community business market. Working through the Key Fund and Social and Sustainable Capital (SASC) they have i…

Helping ensure survival: Digitally enhanced advanced services in community businesses

Published: 2021

This research explores how community businesses rapidly adapted to deliver important community services through digitalised means in light of the pandemic.

The research was funded by Power to Change and Digitally Enhanced Advanced Services (DEAS) and carried out by researchers from the University of the West of England. The researchers use dig…

Food for thought: Understanding market development in the community business sector

Published: 2020

This paper highlights key questions on the nature of market development in relation to community business: what it is, what it entails, and how success might be measured. It is drawn from interviews conducted with members of the Power to Change market development team and other stakeholders during September and early October 2019. The paper pri…

Support for community businesses in Liverpool City Region

Published: 2019

Community businesses care about value for money, flexibility and the quality of support, along with the guidance to assist them along the way both in finding the support and in accessing what is available. Community businesses also clearly stated that they would like funders and social investors to work in collaboration with each other more in …

Community asset transfer: The role of intermediation across Liverpool City Region

Published: 2018

In this report, Capacity share their reflections on the role of intermediaries in community asset transfer from local authorities to community organisations. Drawing on recent activity in the Liverpool City Region, Capacity looked at whether an intermediary, which can provide support and expertise to both the community organisation and local au…

Community Business in 2030

Published: 2018

Drawing on the views and experiences of more than 40 community businesses and 20 experts, Community Business in 2030 illustrates the transformative effect the sector could have on both local people’s lives and society as a whole. To turn the vision into a reality, however, the researchers, Forum for the Future, say eight big shifts are needed…

The Future of Community Business – A Draft Vision for 2030

Published: 2018

# Preview | Download TPR-2018-06-The Future of Community Business – A Draft Vision for 2030.pdf192kB Author(s) Unspecified Citation Unspecified (2018) The Future of Community Business – A Draft Vision for 2030. Working Paper. Forum for the Future. Details Report type:


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