Our CEO, Helen Goulden, chaired an expert advisory panel into the Collaborative Economy for the Scottish Government which, on 29/01/2018, launched its findings and recommendations in a report on how Scotland can best benefit from the collaborative economy. The panel was established by Economic Secretary Keith Brown. It was set up to identify and address both the benefits and challenges arising from the growing peer-to-peer market, where websites or apps like Uber or Airbnb let people share goods or services.

The panel met regularly over the course of 2017. During its work, it drew on a wide range of evidence. This can be found in the report, with the evidence analysis, on the Scottish Government website: https://beta.gov.scot/publications/scottish-expert-advisory-panel-collaborative-economy-call-evidence/

The report recommends a number of specific and general actions for Scotland to take advantage of the growing use of digital, collaborative platforms and to tackle some of the challenges they can pose in some sectors.

Economic Secretary Keith Brown said:
“As the collaborative economy grows, it is becoming ever clearer that we need to ensure it works for the good of the consumers and our wider economy, and that unscrupulous elements are not able to exploit the system. I have been extremely impressed by the cooperative working of the panel, which has included trades unions and representatives of the industry. The trades union representation has ensured that the report includes a number of recommendations to improve the quality of employment opportunities within the collaborative economy and that it encapsulates the Fair Work values which are central to our efforts for a more inclusive labour market”.

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Posted on: 29 January 2018 Authors: Helen Goulden OBE,


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