Community business and collaboration

Published: 2018

# Preview | Download WP-2018-11-Community business and collaboration.pdf6MB Author(s) Steve Wyler Margaret Adjaye Citation Wyler, S. and Adjaye, M. (2018) Community business and collaboration. Working Paper. Power to Change. Details Report type: Working Paper Publisher: Power to Change Location: England

Community business and collaboration – Ten case studies

Published: 2018

# Preview | Download WP-2018-11-CS-Community business and collaboration.pdf1MB Author(s) Steve Wyler Citation Wyler, S. (2018) Community business and collaboration – Ten case studies. Case Study. Power to Change. Details Report type: Case Study Publisher: Power to Change Location: International

Community Business in 2030

Published: 2018

Drawing on the views and experiences of more than 40 community businesses and 20 experts, Community Business in 2030 illustrates the transformative effect the sector could have on both local people’s lives and society as a whole. To turn the vision into a reality, however, the researchers, Forum for the Future, say eight big shifts are needed…

Community Business in 2030: Literature Review

Published: 2018

Over a number of months in 2018, Forum for the Future convened an inquiry into the future of community business, working with Goldsmith’s University, Steve Wyler, Cooperatives UK, Locality, the Plunkett Foundation and Social Enterprise UK. The report of the inquiry can be accessed on the Power to Change website. As part of the work of the inq…

Better places through community business: A framework for impact evaluation

Published: 2018

This is the first of three planned impact reports. It draws together existing and new evidence to provide a baseline picture of both Power to Change’s impact on its grantees and the wider marketplace, and the impact that grantees are having on people and places. It is intended for use by Power to Change, our stakeholders and anyone else who i…

Community business in place

Published: 2018

This working paper was produced as part of an evaluation and learning review of Power to Change’s Community Business Fund, led by Renaisi. The Community Business Fund is aimed at community businesses who need funding for a business development project that will make them more sustainable, making grant awards of between £50,000 and £300,000….

How do community businesses differ from other voluntary and community organisations in the North of England?

Published: 2018

This report compares the activities of local community businesses with those of other types of third sector organisation (TSOs) in the North of England. To do so, it draws upon findings from the Third Sector Trends study which was undertaken in 2016. A total of 3,594 responses were gained from the survey which represents a response rate of 12.7…

Re-thinking the English indices of multiple deprivation: A review and exploration of alternative and complementary area-based indicator systems

Published: 2018

Power to Change commissioned the Bristol Centre for Economics and Finance (BCEF) of the University of the West of England (UWE) to review what insights on disadvantage the current English IMD offers, how these insights fit with the Power to Change mission, and ‘good practice’ in filling the gaps between the insights of the existing IMD and …

We want to change and they have the power: Findings of Bristol BAME sector review

Published: 2018

The legacy of austerity and enduring underinvestment – which stems form lack of equity in funding and procurement – have left Bristol’s BAME-led sector wounded. Survival has become the key measure of success, and most organisations rely on tight budgets and depend on voluntary work in order to survive. This report presents findings o…

Sustainable social care: What role for community business?

Published: 2018

# Preview | Download ORC-2018-08-Sustainable social care.pdf2MB Author(s) Sarah Bedford Aidan Harper Citation Bedford, S. and Harper, A. (2018) Sustainable social care: What role for community business? Research Report. New Economics Foundation. Details Report type: Research Report Publisher: New Economics

Targeting funding to support community-led housing

Published: 2018

This working paper looks at the objectives of Power to Change’s community-led housing (CLH) funding programme and brings together evidence which will help target Power to Change’s interventions. Looking first at the Development stages of CLH groups, and their funding and support needs the report then maps the current landscape (and gaps in)…

The Urban CLT Project Evaluation

Published: 2018

In 2014, the National Community Land Trust Network launched the Urban Community Land Trusts (CLT) Project, aimed at supporting the expansion of CLTs in urban areas. The project provided 19 participating CLTs with grants of £10,000, giving them the flexibility to determine how best to spend it in accordance with local priorities. The proje…


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