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Parties for the Public Good

Publication 22 October 2006

This report – backed by a major Ipsos/MORI poll – warns against an insider stitch up on party funding and calls for reversal of a 20 year trend towards centralisation, marketing and dependence on dubious donors which has left parties

Positional Goods:  New inequalities and the importance of relative position

Publication 28 September 2006

The Young Foundation’s project on Positional Goods explored the emergence of new inequalities in modern Britain and the importance of relative position: Keeping up with the Jones’. The project’s aims were to understand modern trends in material consumption, celebrity lifestyles

Bridging the Gap: The London Olympics 2012 and South Asian – owned Businesses in Brick Lane and Green Street

Publication 28 July 2006

This report which reveals a significant gap between the activities of the London Olympics 2012 development agencies and the expectations of small businesses in Brick Lane and Green Street. The study of 50 small Bangladeshi, Indian and Pakistani catering, commercial

The challenges of citizen engagement: Lessons from Transforming Neighbourhoods

Publication 18 July 2006

Powerpoint presentation detailing lessons of community and citizen engagement from the Transforming Neighbourhoods programme.

The potential for neighbourhood involvement in the design and delivery of public services

Publication 5 July 2006

This report discusses the potential for communities to play a significant role in designing, planning and delivering local public services. Improving the quality of local public services is a high priority for government. It has recognised that poor quality services

Local democracy and neighbourhood governance

Publication 4 July 2006

Democracy can flourish in many different ways. It is presently evolving as fresh demands for and practices of participation fall in with and challenge the representative process. Our work has found that arguments between participation and representation prove sterile when

Mapping Britain’s Unmet Needs

Publication 12 June 2006

We were asked to look at needs in Britain by The Commission on Unclaimed Assets and give a rough assessment of the most pressing unmet needs of 60 million people, urban and rural, marginalised and empowered, rich and poor. Our

North East London: a case study of globalisation

Publication 5 June 2006

This paper was put together for the 2006 TÃllberg Forum exploring the impact of globalisation on the people, communities and economies of three north-east London boroughs: Tower Hamlets, Newham and Hackney. The boroughs of North East London are places where

Neighbouring in Contemporary Britain

Publication 5 June 2006

In recent decades increased mobility, longer life expectancy and the breakdown of the extended family have changed the way we live our lives, and the extent to which we are able to be ‘neighbourly’. This think-piece reviews the way people

What is the role for the community in neighbourhood governance?

Publication 12 May 2006

This report summarises the main discussion points and recommendations that were generated at a seminar held by the Young Foundation, bassac and CDF in December 2005, to discuss the role for voluntary and community organisations, activists and residents, in new

Mapping Value in the Built Urban Environment

Publication 17 March 2006

The Value Mapping project was commissioned by CABE in late 2005 and was managed by the Young Foundation, drawing on a team with experience of research and practice. The project was commissioned in order to better capture less tangible things

The Baby Boomer Generation and the Birth Cohort of 1945-1954 : a  European perspective

Publication 17 March 2006

Young Foundation Fellow Jim Ogg gave a working paper during the ESRC Social Science Week in March 2006 on the European Baby Boomer Generation: In a paper discussing the conceptual and methodological issues of studying baby boomers, the North American


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