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How to Grow Social Innovation

Publication 1 September 2013

How to grow social innovation: A review and critique of scaling and diffusion for understanding the growth of social innovation. Paper presented to the 5th International Social Innovation Research Conference, 2-4 September, 2013, Oxford.

Engaging Citizens in Social Innovation: A short guide to the research for policy makers and practitioners

Publication 1 September 2013

Public and civic engagement activities are now widely seen as critical in building trust in public institutions, developing social capital and social cohesion in local communities, and lending great legitimacy to public decision making processes. In the context of social

Mapping Citizen Engagement in the Process of Social Innovation

Publication 1 September 2013

Over the last decade there has been a proliferation of methods and approaches to citizen engagement. From idea banks and competitions to co-creation workshops and online petitions, governments, public services and businesses are increasingly keen to garner insights and information

Realising Ambition – Lessons on replication and evidenced based interventions

Publication 18 July 2013

Every year thousands of children and young people enter the criminal justice system for the first time. This has a major impact on their families and the communities to which they belong, but an even bigger impact on their own life chances. The Young

Big Local: What’s new and different?

Repository entry 1 July 2013

This paper sets out some of the deliberate choices that the Community Development Foundation-led consortium and then Local Trust and its partners made during the set-up phase that builds on the learning and experiences of area-based, community development models that preceded Big Local. It also outlines other approaches that Big Local draws on …

Scoping a Quality Framework for Youth Social Action

Publication 27 June 2013

Young people who take part in social action, or practical action in the service of others, deserve to have the knowledge, skills and experience they develop recognised and valued. As such, in the summer of 2012 the Prime Minister announced

Social Investment in Education

Publication 26 June 2013

A public educational system, free at the point of use, should be our greatest tool for delivering equality of opportunity. But this is not happening. When pupils from poorer backgrounds enter the education system they are already behind their peers. Instead of catching

Nice House, Good Job: Improving educational attainment in West Norfolk

Publication 26 June 2013

The Borough Council of Kings Lynn and West Norfolk undertook an ambitious programme of action to change the landscape of youth transitions in West Norfolk. The council wanted to equip their young people to leave school with the skills to

Citizen Engagement in Social Innovation – A case study report

Publication 1 June 2013

Public and civic engagement activities are widely seen as critical in building trust in public institutions, social capital and social cohesion in local communities, greater legitimacy in public decision making processes and more effective use of resources, as well as

The Value and Role of Citizen Engagement in Social Innovation

Publication 1 June 2013

Engagement practices have particular value for the development of effective social innovations. In particular, this report argues that some forms of engagement will enable a better understanding of needs so that appropriate solutions can be developed. Participation practices can also

Getting People Involved (Round 2): Planned activities and early learning – Summary Report

Repository entry 1 June 2013

This summary has been prepared following a full report written by Community Development Foundation. The full report is based on an analysis of proposals which were submitted by 47 of the first 50 Big Local areas and locally trusted
organisations. As such it reflects what Big Local areas planned to do with their funding. The propo…

Beyond GDP: Measuring social progress at the local level

Publication 30 May 2013

The aim of the Beyond GDP project was to expand our understanding of how we measure societal progress at a local level – in other words, to going beyond monetary measurements to look at the many other aspects which affect


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