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‘We need to prove that investment in prevention works’

Blog 31 July 2023

Hearing from young people around the UK, this short film reflects on their civic journeys to becoming active citizens – and explores the change that’s needed to increase engagement. 

‘The link between race and wealth is difficult to dismantle’ 

Blog 20 July 2023

Dr Alessandra Radicati, Amelia Clayton and Sophie De Groot highlight a widening racial wealth divide across London through the cost-of-living crisis.

London Mayor announces a £750k fund as our report uncovers “shocking evidence of exploitation”

News 12 June 2023

Our new report, Rights and risks, uncovers shocking abuse of vulnerable Londoners. 

Helping Londoners grow skills and salaries through the cost-of-living crisis 

News 15 July 2022

We’re supporting a new £2m programme, helping people across England’s capital city access employment and skills.  

Kickstart reports – sprint two

Publication 20 January 2022

A report designed and created by young people on the Kickstart scheme, exploring experiences of financial literacy.

The Voices of Basic Income

Publication 5 April 2020

This report explores the lives and experiences of residents in three neighbourhoods of Eix Besos in North-Eastern Barcelona. From December 2017 to late 2019, these communities were part of a radical experiment “B-MINCOME” – to tackle urban poverty and social

Getting by in Barcelona: A portrait of life before basic income

Publication 12 March 2019

This report explores the lives and experiences of the residents in three neighbourhoods of Eix Besos in North-Eastern Barcelona. Since December 2017 these communities have been part of a radical experiment to tackle urban poverty and social exclusion in the

Stories of Inequality and Action

Publication 20 December 2017

This report covers some highlights of our work from 2014-2017, when we made a strategic decision to focus on inequalities and direct all our work to challenging it.

A Tale of Two Cities: Community Perspectives and Narratives on Inequality, Struggle, Hope and Change

Publication 15 November 2017

Today we are facing unprecedented inequality challenges. Who holds responsibility for the widening gaps in society and how do we solve them? A tale of two cities presents community perspectives on what inequality is, and how it is experienced, struggled

Valuing Place: The importance of place for understanding inequality and taking action in Wales

Publication 7 February 2017

Amplify Cymru was a programme of interconnected research and innovation support funded by the Welsh Government. Amplify Cymru helps people take action together to create fairer communities where everyone can thrive. Our research into the lived experience of over 350

Credit where credit’s due?

Publication 24 May 2016

In 2016, over 12 million people in the UK did not have access to affordable credit. An estimated 16.8 per cent were over-indebted. In Wales, the proportion was higher in every single local authority area with three among the UK’s

Feeling the Squeeze: An insight into the impact of the cuts on some of the most vulnerable in Camden

Publication 10 December 2013

This report is the second part of a study to understand the impact of the national and local changes to benefits and services on some of the most vulnerable residents in Camden. In the first year in 2012, we found


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