Evidence of the lived experiences of poverty in the UK

1 May 2024 | Authors: Amelia Clayton,

A synthesis of The Young Foundation’s work exploring the nature of poverty and low income in the UK since 2009.

Local knowledge, national potential

16 April 2024 | Authors: Charlene Stagon,

Activity, emerging insights and lessons learned through the first six months of the UKRI-funded Community Knowledge Fund programme.

Leaving no one behind in transition to net zero: report from our policy roundtable

18 March 2024 | Authors: Emily Morrison,

Contributions to our roundtable event with the Foundation for Science and Technology and Nuffield Foundation, hosted at the British Academy.

Beyond buzzwords – Embedding a systemic approach to EDI across the UK’s professions

4 March 2024 | Authors: Alice Bell,

Report involving more than 7,000 members and learners from 12 professional bodies in the UK offers insights into experiences of EDI initiatives.

Our journey to net zero

19 February 2024 | Authors: Emily Morrison, Samanthi Theminimulle, Tania Carregha,

Our new report warns existing net zero transition policies risk making the poor poorer, and push struggling communities further into deprivation and exclusion. 

The Power of Participation: our vision 2024-28

30 November 2023 | Authors: Helen Goulden OBE,

Embracing the spirit of our founder, Michael Young, our five-year strategy, The Power of Participation, shares our vision to redesign the social contract between people, communities, state and business and shape a fairer, greener future.

A historical perspective: Michael Young’s legacy and the history of the Institute for Community Studies

29 November 2023 | Authors: Holly Smith,

Marking 70 years since the Institute for Community Studies’ inception, Holly Smith outlines it’s profound impact on the welfare state and political thinking.

Our food system: community research exploring access to healthy food in East Birmingham

8 November 2023 | Authors: Amelia Clayton,

Drawing on East Birmingham residents’ lived experiences, this report offers policy recommendations for healthy food systems.

Policy brief for our journey to net zero

12 October 2023 | Authors: Samanthi Theminimulle, Tania Carregha, Emily Morrison,

This policy brief presents research findings and recommendations for how to ensure the UK’s transition to net zero leaves no one behind. It shares insights from a two-year programme of work, funded by the Nuffield Foundation..

Experiences of ‘citizen science’

9 October 2023 | Authors: Alice Bell, Siân Whyte, Private: Marion Oveson, Amelia Clayton,

This is the first in a series of short discussion papers produced by the Institute for Community Studies to share learnings and reflections from the UKRI-funded Citizen Science Collaboration Grants.

Youth leadership for urban wellbeing

3 August 2023 | Authors:

This research report was developed by The Centre for Urban Wellbeing at The University of Birmingham, in collaboration with The Young Foundation, and the University of Birmingham’s Institute for Mental Health Youth participation leads and Youth Advisory Group.

No Wrong Door: How an integrated employment and skills system can support Londoners

5 July 2023 | Authors: Zoe Dibb, Chelsea McDonagh, Daniel Farag, Franca Roeschert, Amelia Clayton, Alice Bell,

Commissioned by the Mayor of London, this report explores the needs of people accessing skills and employment services.


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