Beyond the ‘foggy and uncertain’: supporting young people’s futures

28 March 2022 | Authors: Alice Bell,

A new report shares insight into the concerns and priorities of young people around England, and outlines their vision for a better future.

Kickstart reports – sprint three

18 February 2022 | Authors:

This report explores young people’s experiences of racism on social media, developed and devised by a group of young Kickstart peer research recruits.

Response to the Levelling Up White Paper

14 February 2022 | Authors: Helen Goulden OBE,

Our report addresses the ‘missions’ of the government’s Levelling Up White Paper and proposes action to work ‘radically differently’ by involving local people and communities to drive meaningful change. 

Kickstart reports – sprint two

20 January 2022 | Authors:

A report designed and created by young people on the Kickstart scheme, exploring experiences of financial literacy.

Kickstart reports – sprint one

26 November 2021 | Authors:

Reports designed and created by young people on the Kickstart scheme, exploring experiences of employment among LGBTQ+ young people, and those with ADHD.

London Civic Strength Index

18 October 2021 | Authors: Jana Tauschinski,

Co-designed and co-created with Londoners, the Civic Strength Index helps boroughs and organisations across the capital consider the strengths of their communities and how build on them.

Let teachers SHINE report

3 September 2021 | Authors: Ajeet Jugnauth,

The Young Foundation partnered with education charity SHINE, to support the delivery of their annual Let Teachers SHINE programme. SHINE provides funding to some of the brightest minds in teaching in England, helping them to develop and deliver new approaches to teaching that raise educational attainment for children from low-income homes.

Far to go: diversity and inclusion in social research

1 September 2021 | Authors: Alice Bell, Victoria Boelman,

The first comprehensive survey of the views and experiences of UK social researchers on issues of diversity and inclusion within the sector.

Why don’t they ask us? The role of communities in levelling up

14 July 2021 | Authors: Emily Morrison, Victoria Boelman, Alice Bell, Caroline Yang, Liam Harney,

How have policies and interventions for local economic development affected communities in England? As the government commits to ‘ensure no region is left behind’, our research explores what works for UK communities – and what doesn’t.

Volunteering and wellbeing during the Coronavirus pandemic

7 June 2021 | Authors: Victoria Boelman,

We were delighted to have worked with The Wales Centre for Public Policy to undertake a rapid scan and synthesis of the evidence which has emerged over the last year on the relationship between volunteering (both formal and informal), and

The Covid decade: understanding the long-term societal impacts of Covid-19.

7 April 2021 | Authors:

The Institute of Community Studies is delighted to have contributed to The British Academy’s timely evidence review to understand the long-term societal impacts of COVID-19. It makes sobering reading for any who thought the end of the pandemic would see

Amplify Youth: putting young people at the heart of social change

22 January 2021 | Authors:

Amplify Youth was a programme funded by Credit Suisse and delivered by The Young Foundation. We worked with young people aged 16-25 in challenging areas of East London, Dublin and Belfast. Our aim was to tackle the structural inequality experienced


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