Joining the Conversation: an introduction to hyperlocal media

30 July 2009 | Authors:

This paper provides an overview of hyperlocal uses of the internet and how they can be useful to local government. Published by the Young Foundation in collaboration with Local Government Improvement and Development and the Local Government Association (LGA), updated

Social Venturing

1 July 2009 | Authors: Geoff Mulgan, Robin Murray,

Social Venturing – part of a series on methods and issues in social innovation – focuses on how to establish and grow a social venture. While there is a long-standing economic and managerial literature on the market economy, and methods

Thinking about Apprenticeships

1 July 2009 | Authors: Bethia McNeil, Dr Marcia Brophy,

In January 2008, the government published World Class Apprenticeships: Unlocking Talent, Building Skills for All, which set out ambitious plans for Apprenticeships with the aim that one in five young people aged 16 to 18 will be apprentices by 2020. The review also

The Leys

1 July 2009 | Authors:

In May 2009, The Young Foundation was asked by The Wates Foundation to look into previous attempts at regeneration and priorities for the Leys estate in Oxfordshire. In July we presented our findings to The Wates Foundation.

Civility Lost and Found

1 June 2009 | Authors:

Has Britain become an uncivil society? Civility Lost and Found argues that incivility has become common, whether in the behaviour of tv and radio presenters, revellers out on a Saturday night or drunks on airplanes, and that few issues matter

Breakthrough Cities

1 June 2009 | Authors:

Cities are where we are at our best, and worst; cities are home to many of our proudest achievements, but are also where our biggest challenges are to be faced. Problems – including inequality, crime and violence, environmental degradation –

Citizen engagement and accountability: prospects for the future?

30 May 2009 | Authors:

Engagement and accountability have become mainstream concepts in the public sector. Since 2000, there has been a cascade of reform from Whitehall, channelled through local government and other public services, to increase engagement and accountability – white papers, citizens’ juries,

Grit: The skills for success and how they are grown

1 May 2009 | Authors: Yvonne Roberts,

Grit: The skills for success and how they are grown argues that Britain’s schools need to prioritise grit and self-discipline. Drawing on evidence from around the world it shows that these contribute as much to success at work and in

Neighbourhood working: where do we go from here? Towards a new research agenda

1 May 2009 | Authors:

This paper was given at an international round table organised by the Local Governance Research Unit (LGRU) at De Montfort University on 7 May 2009 to discuss emerging and new agendas for neighbourhood policy and governance. This event convened a

Metropolitan metrics: measuring success of a collaborative city

1 April 2009 | Authors:

The London Collaborative worked with network members and policy officers to help test and develop thinking on the benefits, use and focus of a set of London wide measures of success. The piece was intended to inform reflection on how

Collaborative projects on youth crime

1 April 2009 | Authors:

Working with Essex, Knowsley, Sheffield and Westminster local authorities, the Innovation Catalyst looked at a collaborative workstream on youth crime which provided research, intensive support and innovation consultancy to help develop and support innovative pilots. The Innovation Catalyst was a

Meet the parents: stories of teenage pregnancy and parenthood in Lewisham

1 March 2009 | Authors: Corinne Cordes, Vicki Sellick, Will Norman,

The Young Foundation was commissioned by the London Borough of Lewisham to look at how perceptions and expectations of young people in the borough impacted on teenage pregnancy. We carried out detailed ethnographic studies to capture the experiences of young


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