A Collaborative City? A snapshot of current collaboration across the public sector in London

1 April 2008 | Authors:

This paper sketches a picture of current capacity for joint and strategic working across tiers of government and public services in London. It looks at the kinds of partnerships, networks and other mechanisms that exist, at perceptions of how well

Discovery, Argument & Action: How civil society responds to changing needs

30 March 2008 | Authors:

Civil society in its many forms plays vital roles in discovering and then meeting social needs – from poverty and disability to discrimination. This report investigates the many ways in which these roles have been played, analysing civil society’s role

The role of private equity in social and sustainable development

30 March 2008 | Authors:

This report explores the role private equity and venture capital providers can play in social and sustainable development. The research was used by the British Venture Capital Association (BVCA) to provide a detailed analysis of the current state of engagement

Escape from the Titanic

1 March 2008 | Authors:

In 2008, the British criminal justice system was failing by many measures. Costs were rising as was the prison population. The sheer pressure on the system made it hard to introduce long overdue reforms. As a result recidivism rates remained

The Collaborative City: Future Trends

1 March 2008 | Authors:

This report on Future Trends accompanies the main London Collaborative report “The Collaborative City” and offers an analysis of more than 50 studies about the future of London. The London Collaborative was a partnership led by the Young Foundation, in

The Collaborative City: Working together to shape London’s future

1 March 2008 | Authors:

The London Collaborative was a partnership led by the Young Foundation, in association with the Office for Public Management (OPM) and Common Purpose. The report was designed to stimulate future thinking among all of us who care about London’s future

The Collaborative City – Future Scenarios

1 March 2008 | Authors:

The London Collaborative was an ambitious programme designed to improve the capacity of London’s public sector to work across boundaries of place, profession and organisation in order to meet future challenges facing the capital. This report accompanied the launch report

How to develop a local charter: A guide for local authorities

30 January 2008 | Authors:

This Young Foundation guide was launched by Hazel Blears MP, the then Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, at the 2008 Annual New Local Government Network (NGLN) conference. The guide, commissioned and published by the Department of Communities

Transformers: How local areas innovate to address changing social needs

1 January 2008 | Authors:

Innovation in public services is going to prove crucial to the UK’s ability to meet the social challenges of the 21st century. However, historically, the UK does a poor job of developing innovations in the public sector. We are particularly

Ward councillors and community leadership: A future perspective

1 November 2007 | Authors:

This report explores the findings from a study for the Joseph Rowntree Foundation by the Young Foundation and Local Government Information Unit. In 2007 when this report was released, the role ward councillors were expected to play in community leadership

Making the most of local innovations

1 November 2007 | Authors:

Making the most of local innovations – What makes places innovative and how local innovations can be best exploited’ is an interim report introducing the Young Foundation and Nesta research project about local social innovation and what makes places innovative.

Transforming Neighbourhoods: Lessons from Local Work in Fifteen Areas

1 October 2007 | Authors:

For many years, there has been increased political focus – both in Whitehall and in local government – on the need to boost opportunities for residents, both as individuals and collectively, to influence what happens in the local areas in


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