Leading to Net Zero – Evidence review of communities pioneering low carbon standards

Published: 2021

The consultancy firm Hoyle and Dean was commissioned by the Community Land Trust Network to undertake a “soft touch” review of the approach various community-led housing development teams take towards sustainability and carbon reduction for housing developments within their operating areas. The purpose of the review was to find the overall …

Levelling the land: Social investment and ‘left behind’ places

Published: 2021

Local Trust commissioned independent advisor and researcher Dan Gregory to explore whether social investment in its current forms could support the regeneration of the most deprived or ‘left behind’ neighbourhoods across the country or, as our experience with the Big Local programme was suggesting, new models were needed, and if so, what th…

Rapid research COVID-19 Briefing #15: Community responses to COVID-19 – Changing community needs and looking to the future

Published: 2021

The pandemic has been accompanied by a searching analysis of its multi-faceted challenges, uneven consequences and intensifying social needs. Looking ahead, it is thought that a ‘long shadow’ of impact will be cast over the coming ‘COVID decade’. But how are needs experienced at community level identified and understood? This briefing a…

Routes into community influence

Published: 2021

This project was carried out by a team of Community Researchers in Lawrence Hill, Bristol between May-August 2021, with support from Wellspring Settlement’s Economic Resilience and Community Inclusion teams and researchers from the University of Bristol. The project was funded by the UKRI QR Strategic Priorities Fund, administered by the Univ…

Understanding vaccine hesitancy through communities of place

Published: 2021

A new UK-US collaborative study examining vaccine engagement highlights the importance of tapping into local knowledge and leadership in efforts to improve Covid-19 vaccine take-up.

The research was funded by the British Academy, the Social Science Research Council, and the UK’s Science and Innovation Network in the&…

A Civic Strength Index for London

Published: 2021

The London Civic Strength Index and its underlying framework have been co-designed and co-created by Londoners to understand where civic strength exists; to make that strength visible; and to capture what makes it unique in communities across London. This first report sets out a clear framework for civic strength in London, aims …

Community Pubs – A better form of business 2021

Published: 2021

This research used mixed methods to look at the size, characteristics and performance of the community pub sector in the UK. This is the seventh of such reports, building on what’s known about the sector as it becomes increasingly established. It can be used as an information resource and benchmarking tool for pubs, funders and support organi…

Community Shops – A better form of business 2021

Published: 2021

This comprehensive publication looks at the community shop sector in the UK. It was first published in 2011 and has grown with additional information year on year. The report can now be used as a startup guide for new groups, a benchmarking tool for existing community shops, and is used by funders and support organisations to futureproof servic…

Community business and the foundational economy

Published: 2021

This report looks at the role of community businesses which exist within the foundational economy (the range of goods and services that ensure places can function, and enables people in those places to thrive). With a focus on four places (Grimsby, Leeds, Leicester and Plymouth) this research offers insight into the democratising, empower…

Delivering the community led housing pipeline in England

Published: 2021

This report examines the financial requirements of community led housing projects in England and explores how these can be met. It quantifies the required amount of funding and finance and assesses whether current provision is sufficient.

Power to Change and blended finance

Published: 2021

The social investment market in the UK is growing rapidly, with transaction values rising from £165 million to £1.1 billion over the last ten years. Power to Change sees social investment as being a key funding approach to develop the community business market. Working through the Key Fund and Social and Sustainable Capital (SASC) they have i…

Rapid research COVID-19 Briefing #14: Community responses to COVID-19 – Sustaining community action

Published: 2021

There is a growing body of evidence on how communities have responded to COVID-19, highlighting an early surge in community action and the subsequent power of communities to meet the needs of residents during crises. More recently, however, as the pandemic has continued longer than anyone imagined, there is increasing evidence pointing towards …


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