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Reimagining Rent: Social Innovation in the Private Rented Sector

Publication 21 September 2020

Over the last decade, almost two million new households have begun renting privately. The Private Rented Sector is growing rapidly but it is quickly having to meet new needs as increasing numbers of families with children, older people and those

Britain: Where Next for the Social Innovation Eco-System in the UK?

Publication 30 January 2018

The UK has a well-developed social innovation (SI) eco-system that has helped drive the rapid advancement of SI, particularly through social enterprise. However, whilst the UK continues to lead, there are further opportunities for research and capacity building beyond the

Disrupting Cultures for Health and Social Care Innovation

Publication 30 January 2018

Despite the institutionalised nature of the health and social care sector, which may be a challenge to innovation, social innovation is seen to be growing. This impact can be further increased through relationships and partnerships which challenge the conventional cultures

Social Innovation in Western Europe: Networks and Programmes as Drivers

Publication 30 January 2018

Networks and cooperation are vital for social innovation (SI). Policy which stimulates the development of SI ecosystems is likely to encourage the sustainability of social innovations. This chapter from the Atlas of Social Innovation, comprised of 62 articles by 25

Atlas of Social Innovation – New Practices for a Better Future

Publication 25 January 2018

Social innovation is on the rise. As a lived practice, social innovation takes countless approaches and presents a wide array of success stories. It is within this context that the Atlas of Social Innovation offers a comprehensive overview of the

How is EU employment policy driving social innovation?

Publication 22 December 2017

This report explores the characteristics of EU-supported employment social innovations, and asks how the EU is driving these.

Stories of Inequality and Action

Publication 20 December 2017

This report covers some highlights of our work from 2014-2017, when we made a strategic decision to focus on inequalities and direct all our work to challenging it.

SI-DRIVE Policy Decleration: Social Innovation on the Rise – Challenges for a Future Innovation Policy

Publication 14 November 2017

The SI-DRIVE Policy Declaration sets a framework for unfolding the potential of social innovations within a new innovation paradigm and a new innovation policy. It’s about fostering democracy and participation, economy, digital and ecological transformation. And it’s about the capacity

Transforming Health: Shifting our health systems from illness treatment and prevention to health creation

Publication 11 July 2017

In spite of recent overall advancements in our society’s health and wellbeing, we are experiencing a crisis of major health disparities driven by growing inequalities. Experts recognize that while the NHS has much to be celebrated, its design is not

Taking the future into their own hands: Youth work and entrepreneurial learning.

Publication 2 July 2017

In the challenging times that most EU Member States are experiencing in the aftermath of the financial crisis, young people are at particular risk of being left at the margins of society. In 2016, approximately 1 in 10 young people

European Policy Brief: Social Innovation in Health and Social Care

Publication 6 May 2017

This policy brief on Social Innovation in Health and Social Care is based on results of the EC H2020 funded project Social Innovation: Driving Force of Social Change (SI-DRIVE). Highlights of this policy field are given from results of a

Health and Social Care Policy Field Summary Report

Publication 6 May 2017

Social innovation in health and social care is strongly determined by social values, culture and societal expectations. Answers to questions such as, who should pay for care? and, who deserves care? differ across contexts and come together to shape health


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