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Growing Community Organising

Publication 16 May 2013

We define community organising as the process of supporting individuals to come together to improve their communities by putting pressure on institutions, businesses and governments to act. Community organisers work to identify local leaders, bring together local groups and develop campaigns and actions

Amplify: Local campaigning in a digital world

Publication 14 May 2013

This toolkit is designed to help community organisations use the free and low cost web tools already widely available. Between April 2011 and March 2013 The Young Foundation, as part of the Building Local Activism programme supported by the Big

A Better Form of Business 2013: Community-owned village shops

Repository entry 1 May 2013

Community-owned village shops continue to be one of the leading success stories of the UK co-operative and community enterprise movement.
In 1993 there were just 23 community-owned shops trading in the UK;
20 years on there are 303, with a further 30 anticipated to open in 2013.

This report aims to give an overview of the development of the co…

Getting Started in Wave 2 Big Local areas

Repository entry 1 May 2013

Big Local was launched in 150 areas, in three waves of 50. The second wave was announced in February 2012. To support people in these areas in the early stages of Big Local, Getting Started funding of up to £20,000 was made available to these areas in 2012. To access the funding, each Big Local area with support from their Big Local rep, submi…

Growing Social Innovation in Northern Ireland

Publication 12 April 2013

There is a growing recognition that new and innovative approaches are required to meet the social, economic and environmental difficulties we are facing. The field of social innovation is developing rapidly. Across the world, millions of people are creating new

The Whats, The Whys and The Hows

Publication 5 April 2013

An introduction to social investment for youth sector organisations. This briefing was prepared as part of the Catalyst Investment Readiness Programme, offered by the Young Foundation. Catalyst was a consortium of four organisations working with the Department for Education as

From Growing Interest to Interest Grown: Is the youth sector ready for social investment?

Publication 31 March 2013

Being a young person in the UK today is tough. Unemployment, failures in the education system and high levels of young people not in education, employment or training are being compounded by cuts to youth services and funding for voluntary youth sector

Let’s talk about Stop and Search

Publication 30 March 2013

Relationships between young people and the police can be tense and are often exacerbated by difficult stop and search encounters. Stop and search procedures are one of the key touch points between police and young people and most understand the

Eyes on the Horizon, Feet on the Ground: A Journey to find Humanitarian Education Outcomes

Publication 27 March 2013

This cartoon was created as part of the Catalyst Consortium’s report “Noticing the Change.” This report contains an overview of the process and learning undertaken by three youth organisations which agreed to pilot an outcomes approach in their work with

Stimulating and supporting innovation within your organisation & system – Health at The Young Foundation

Publication 20 March 2013

The bedrock of the NHS is currently shifting. The future stage has been set by huge structural changes, a need for massive savings, the necessity of working across partnerships and sectors, all combined with a renewed drive to truly put

The NHS and Civil Society – The Young Foundation and Health

Publication 20 March 2013

We believe that the NHS needs to access the strengths of civil society to do its job in the 21st century. To cope with the changing disease burden and growing financial pressures, the NHS needs to take advantage of the

Data and the patient – The Young Foundation and Health

Publication 20 March 2013

We believe the major issues facing the NHS cannot be solved without changing the way the NHS uses information. The NHS need to be more proactive, integrated, and patient centred, or it will crumble under the twin pressures of an


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