Research into the impact of Big Local: Impacts found

Published: 2016

Resources for Change was commissioned to undertake research “To capture the impact, achievements and learning of some of the earliest plans to be endorsed to demonstrate what the Big Local model has been able to achieve and draw out learning for other Big Local areas moving into delivery”. Additionally, the researchers investigated how area…

The community business market in 2015

Published: 2016

The Power to Change Research Institute commissioned Social Finance in September 2015 to provide an updated assessment of the state of the community business market. This followed Social Finance’s original report on the community business market, What If We Ran It Ourselves?, published in January 2015, based on research conducted by Social Fin…

Social Network Analysis: ‘How to guide’

Published: 2016

The aim of social network analysis is to understand a community by mapping the relationships that connect them as a network, and then trying to draw out key individuals, groups within the network (‘components’), and/or associations between the individuals.

This guide is intended to help local areas and police forces use intelligence d…

Commissioning in Crisis

Published: 2016

Commissioning in Crisis was conducted by the Foundation in a bid to better understand the processes behind the commissioning of public services from the perspective of small and medium-sized charities. Small charities are affected by a push towards large-scale contracts and a decline in grants.

This research highlights how the current commiss…

Small and Medium Sized Charities after the Crash

Published: 2016

This briefing compiles evidence from two other independent reports: Navigating Change by NCVO and Too Small To Fail by IPPR North. These reports reveal that small and medium-sized charities have been hardest hit by cuts to public funding since 2008 compared to the rest of the voluntary sector. It also made clear that the damage will be most fel…

Building social capital: Summary of learning from Big Local

Published: 2015

The aim of Big Local is to ensure that people are connected, have choices and are supported to achieve lasting change in the place where they live. Underpinning its resident-led and community-paced approach is its commitment to support residents over the long term to learn skills and gain the confidence to make decisions in their communities, b…

Big Local evaluation plan

Published: 2015

NCVO, OPM and IVR conducted an ‘early years’ evaluation of Big Local in 2014 and produced a framework to help steer future evaluation activities. This framework was discussed by trustees and developed further. The plan for the evaluation for the remainder of the programme takes into account the ideas from the evaluators together with the id…

Plans to action: Summary Report and Case Studies

Published: 2015

This report brings together research exploring how Big Local and other community groups deliver projects in their areas. The aim of the research was to understand how Big Local areas move from identifying issues and priorities in their area, to developing projects to address these. It also aimed to highlight any differences in Big Local project…

Co-operative Pubs: A better form of business – 2014

Published: 2015

This publication is based on the results of surveys undertaken by the Plunkett Foundation between March and April 2015 and draws on information provided by 29 of the 33 co-operative pubs open and trading across the UK at the end of 2014. The majority of this information was collected through a structured online survey completed by appointe…

Community Shops: A better form of business – 2014

Published: 2015

This publication is based on the results of surveys undertaken by the Plunkett Foundation between March and April 2015 and is based on new information provided by 95 of the 325 community shops open and trading across the UK at the end of 2014, as well as information gathered from nearly every community shop over the last 3 years.

The majority …

“What if we ran it ourselves?” – Getting the measure of Britain’s emerging community business sector

Published: 2015

A report from Social Finance has revealed new findings about the current state and scope of the community business sector. The report finds that there are around 4,500 community businesses in England and Wales, with a combined income of £800m a year and assets of £1 billion. These community businesses employ around 24,000 staff and engage nea…

Expert yet undervalued and on the frontline

Published: 2015

This report identifies the biggest challenges identified by 800 of our partner charities and what would help to overcome them.

Findings include:

For 81% of charities, obtaining funding was the biggest challenge they faced despite proactive and innovative efforts to secure their future.
Charities are working hard to raise money from other sour…


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